A Prom to Control a Curse / Tourism Industry from thin air / Zombie Horde Threatens St. Thomas

St. Thomas is going to have a prom like this area has never seen before. The Tom Zombie Prom, a fundraising effort organized by the St. Thomas Tom Zombie Organizing Committee, is going to be held at the CASO Station in St. Thomas on June 26th between 7pm and 11pm, and it promises to be unique.

Bryan Bakker, lead organizer of the Prom says, “Everyone is welcome. All we ask is that you dress up, get ready for some fun and leave the rest to us!”

With a long list of sponsors and a variety of entertainment to showcase this event is sure to be memorable. “We have members of the Elgin Theatre Guild coming out to be professional zombies,” said Bakker. “They’ll be peaking in windows and banging on doors to give people a jolt. We’re going to have two bands, the second isn’t finalized yet but the first one will be Jaclyn VanHappen, an amazing talent.

“We’ll be debuting our second Tom Zombie Festival Trailer, entitled “The Encounter”, we’ll have shout outs from celebrities who can’t make it, we’ll be debuting the first Tom Zombie Flash Mob video as well as the Tom Zombie Dancers who’ll be body painted and looking pretty freaky. And we’ll be choosing a King & Queen of the prom both of whom will enjoy special status at the Tom Zombie Festival in August.”

As part of the Tom Zombie legend the prom will also fulfill a special function in controlling the dreaded curse which would otherwise lead to zombies running rampant all over St. Thomas and area.

“The storyline here is an important part of everything we’re doing in and around the festival to make it immersive, interesting and all around cool. No one anywhere is doing anything like this. This really is a chance to take part in something that is new and original.”

The Tom Zombie Festival, scheduled to commence on August 31st of this year at the Elgin County Railway Museum, is breaking new ground in harnessing the amazing popularity of zombies. From the blockbuster movie, set for release this month, called World War Z, to the landmark TV Series entitled The Walking Dead, to the amazing popularity of zombie centred video games.

“This genre is set to explode. Hundreds of thousands of people are active fans and many millions more love a good zombie based yarn. What we are doing here in St. Thomas is the first step in creating a brand new Tourism Industry out of thin air. Its super exciting and the potential really is mind blowing.”

For more information contact Bryan Bakker at 519-851-8614 or email bryan@tomzombie.ca
Website: www.tomzombiefestival.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tomzombiefestival

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