Flood outlook for residents of Kettle Creek watershed, and possible ice jams

St. Thomas – Kettle Creek Conservation Authority is issuing a watershed conditions statement—flood outlook for residents of the Kettle Creek Watershed, with specific concerns for the Port Stanley area. Warm temperatures and forecasted rain may cause minor flooding in low lying areas and possible ice jams. Ice jams may cause rapid backwater effects and may quickly create flooding situations.

“The 15 mm of rain predicted in the forecast is expected to start early Wednesday. Daytime high temperatures are expected to remain above freezing into the weekend with an additional mix of rain, freezing rain and flurries,” says Jennifer Dow water conservation supervisor for Kettle Creek Conservation Authority. “There is still a significant amount of snow throughout the watershed that will contribute to increasing water levels as it melts. Combined with rainfall it is possible that the spring thaw is finally underway.”

Residents along Kettle Creek at Port Stanley are advised to carefully monitor their local conditions. Kettle Creek Conservation Authority is warning residents to use extreme caution near all watercourses and ponds. The ice cover is unstable, banks can be very slippery and the water is fast flowing and very cold. Parents in particular are encouraged to keep their children away from flood plain areas and watercourses.

Residents are advised to remove property from low-lying areas and to clear snow and ice from storm drains.

Updates will be made available if conditions warrant. This flood outlook will remain in effect for the next 36 hours. For further updates log on to www.kettlecreekconservation.on.ca

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