Flood Watch for Residents of Catfish Creek Watershed

This Flood Watch is intended to notify Catfish Creek Conservation Authority
member Municipalities, Emergency Services staff and individual landowners that
a daytime warming trend is developing with rain forecast today and channel water
levels are expected to increase. This is an assessment that a possibility exists
for flooding of low-lying flood prone areas within the watershed.

Effective immediately, the Catfish Creek Conservation Authority is issuing this Flood Watch for
low lying flood prone areas within the watershed.

The remaining snowpack shows that the snow water equivalency is elevated due to last week’s
weather patterns, there also remain large ponded water areas in agricultural fields which did not
have an opportunity to runoff or infiltrate prior to freezing. The forecast rainfall coupled with the
aforementioned assessments and further deteriorating ice conditions on the Catfish Creek and
its tributaries indicate that potentially hazardous circumstances exist around open channel
waterways. Primary concerns are increasing water levels, intensifying water flows and possible
obstructions to riverine ice transport.

HIGH water flows result in unsafe channel bank conditions and other unpredictable dangers
around waterways, adjacent fields and parkland, urban storm drains, small streams, creeks, or
other hazardous areas.

Residents are advised to remove property from low-lying areas adjacent to streams, creeks
ditches or other open bodies of water. The public is encouraged to exercise caution near open
bodies of water, and to keep children away from waterways during times of high water flow.
Residents are asked to watch local conditions closely and take appropriate responsible action.
Updates will be made available if conditions warrant.

This watch will remain in effect until Monday March 24th or until an update is issued and will
then be adjusted accordingly.

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