New Parking System and Flat Rate Fees at STEGH Means Easier Access for Patients and Visitors

St. Thomas, ON – St Thomas Elgin General Hospital (STEGH) is updating the parking system, eliminating the need for tickets, and switching to flat rate fees for all patient and visitor lots. This change will be complete by April 30th.

Lot Current Rate New Rate
East Incremental to max of $5.00 Flat Rate of $4.00
(currently under construction)
Flat Rate of $5.00 Flat Rate of $4.00
Emergency Flat Rate of $6.00 Flat Rate of $6.00


Parking will be easier for STEGH patients and visitors: Parking gates will open automatically upon arrival, no ticket is required Patients and visitors will know ahead of time the amount required to pay – a savings for some users: $4.00 for the East and South Lots, and $6.00 for the Emergency Lot. Users will pay upon exiting at the gate using coins or credit card Increased options for parking cards (monthly, weekly and 10 visit pre-loaded cards)

The current parking system is aging and requires replacement. The gates are often not working properly due to the damp or humid weather which causes the tickets to swell and the machine to malfunction.
Patient feedback has shown that the pay machines inside the building were inconvenient, and patients often had to return to their car to retrieve their ticket and re-enter the building to pay, before exiting the lot.

“Our goal with this change is to make parking easier for our patients and visitors,” explains Tonya Sheldon, Manager of Finance. “This new system eliminates the need for tickets, will provide a cost saving for some users, and provides an additional parking payment option. Weekly and monthly parking cards will still be available, and a new card, pre-loaded for ten visits, with no expiry date, can be purchased for $35.00 – a cost savings of $5.00.”
Existing parking machines will be removed and replaced over the next few days, weather permitting. One lane will be replaced at a time to minimize interruption and ensure access to all lots during installation.

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