Non-Profit Shelter In Dire Need Of Funding

Photo by khanb1


Pets Friends for Life is in need of over $10,000 immediately.

As myFM reported earlier this month, kittens brought into the shelter caused an outbreak of ringworm.

Since then, over 100 cats have had to be properly cleaned and cultured. Each culture costs $57 and a cat may be cultured three to five times.

Cleaning costs are up to almost $1000 so far.

If the money isn’t received, Vice President of the Board of Directors Catherine Gibbons says the non-profit will either have to close or euthanize the cats.

Pets Friends for Life is open between noon-4pm Monday through Saturday. Donations can also be made online at

Pets Friends 4 Life

Petsfriends4life we are a non-profit Registered Charity, made up of a few volunteers who simply love cats. We are located in St Thomas, Ontario

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