Official Zombie Press Release (and video)

Tom Zombie Trailer Ross Hepburn - Volunteer Zombie Cop on April 1st Shoot at CASO Station, St. Thomas (picture by Marty Stewart) Tom Zombie Trailer
Freaking Good Fun Comes to St. Thomas with 1st Annual Charitable Zombie Fest
Bizbio, a local video production company has taken the lead on a rather unusual fundraising event happening on June 29t,h at Pinafore Park  in St. Thomas.   You can expect the City of St. Thomas to be crawling with Zombie enthusiasts as they collectively raise money for local Youth projects.  The first annual the Tom Zombie Festival is created in response to a call to action to support It Takes Two which is a new national fundraising initiative founded by local youth counsellor, Derek Shirley.
Bryan Bakker, President of Bizbio Inc.  comments, “ This is a very fitting theme for a youth centred fundraiser.  Youth today are enchanted by the Zombie culture.  Who doesn’t remember their first Zombie movie!  These go back to the early 1950’s.   It’s a counter cultural, creative, imaginative theme that doesn’t require a beer tent to make it fun.   Zombie walks have grown in popularity worldwide and the movie genre continues to be hot.  Youth relate to the mystique of the genre which has been popularized in video games and TV shows like the Walking Dead.”  But it’s not just the kids who show up for these events.  “We big kids love them too!”  says Bakker.
Bryan Bakker has built the theme of the Tom Zombie Festival on a one hundred year old legend discovered in St. Thomas historical archives involving the re-animation of a 19 year old railway employee, Edward Thomson and the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death.
Hilights of the event will include a traditional Zombie Walk starting in the downtown core of St. Thomas at 4pm.  Zombies will march five blocks and then gather in Pinafore Park for an evening of festivities including music by local bands, exhibitors, food vendors, and the talent search for the First Annual Tom Zombie.
Bakker says he is delighted by the community response to this idea so far.  Zombie volunteers are plentiful including participants from our local business community.  People of all ages are responding with excitement, enthusiasm and raised eyebrows for the event.  Bakker says “the event is so unusual that it has sparked the imagination and sense of play within our community.  It’s nice for St. Thomas to be in the headlines for positive change and to address the needs of youth as their programs suffer during strained economic times.”
According to Bakker this event will draw zombie enthusiasts from far and wide.  Bakker has produced a Tom Zombie Festival trailer called “The Curse” which can be viewed online. “We are still in the early stages of organizing the event and welcome new participants and sponsors,” says Bakker.   “There are also plenty of opportunities for local artists to write and perform for the Tom Zombie Festival.
Contact Info:  St. Thomas Tom Zombie Festival Planning Committee
Chairperson:  Bryan Bakker, phone:  519-851-8614, email:
Event Planner: Joanne Burke, phone:  519-636-3557 email:
Entertainment Coordinator: Anita LaRue, phone:  519-619-0918 email:
Our Official Website is located at
Learn more about the Tom Zombie Legend
See our movie style trailer here
Check our Facebook page here
Bryan Bakker
Bizbio Inc.

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