Scorpions Run: 6K for #6

St. Thomas teenager Haley Agius is a normal 16 yr old girl who loves playing hockey and soccer. On April 28th, 2016, just 1 week before Haley’s 16th birthday, Haley became very ill and had to be admitted to a hospital. Soon after, Haley was diagnosed with ITP (Immune Thrombocytopenia Purpura) a rare blood disorder that is destroying her platelets, the cells that clot her blood.

Since that first visit, Haley has been admitted to hospital 2 more times, and has received outpatient treatment at hospital multiple times. To date Haley has been unresponsive to all treatments and her platelet count remains dangerously low. A possible medication available to Haley does not meet the age criteria, which is 18, for medical coverage. The cost of this treatment is beyond belief at $4,281.52/month. Haley needs this treatment now, and the family is exploring every funding option they can in hopes that there will be some assistance available to them.

Fortunately, there is a way for you to help. Haley’s soccer team is holding an event called the Scorpions Run: 6K for #6. This running/walking event is a fundraiser to help raise awareness of ITP and funds for Haley’s family. You can support Haley by attending this event on September 3. The admission is a $20 donation on the day of the run.

Every participant counts, as this is just the start for the fundraising and the long recovery period of Haley.

Information for the Scorpions Run:

6k for #6
When: Sept 3, 2016
Where: Starting at Cowan Park, 87 St George St. St Thomas ON
Time: 8:15 check-in Run starts at 9am

Donation: $20 on day of run

Supporters for Haley can also complete a donation prior to the day of the run by contacting with any questions

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  1. The St. Thomas Blog

    Please share with your friends

  2. Jack Beleutz

    I would like to make a donation . Where or whom can I make it too

  3. Martin Grieve

    Lisa – we could do this with the kids.

  4. Hayley you are not alone. My daughter Abigale was 3 when she was diagnosed. She is now 10 and would love to meet you and share her battle. It helps her to know she’s not alone