It takes a village to raise a child…..

This statement embodies what Springfield Public School is all about. The village of Springfield is now in a battle to save the school which is scheduled to be closed after the 2018 / 2019 school year. A group of parents from the school have banded together to lead this fight and to save a school that has been in the community longer than Canada has been a country. On Tues Nov 22nd this group of parents along with students, current and past are taking a bus from the Malahide Community Place in Springfield to the Thames Valley School Board offices in London to attend the first Board of Trustees meeting about this proposed plan to close Springfield and other schools in Elgin County.

This group will be there to listen to what the Trustees have to say and to start to build their case for saving this hub of the community. Over the years the school board has put plans out there for items that each school needs to help the students learn and be the best that they can be. For Springfield this is where the community has always rose to the occasion and helped make these plans a reality, most times way ahead of what the school board thought the timelines would be. The community has raised funds for Smart Boards for all the class rooms, upgraded the school library, bought computers for the school, put in two sets of play equipment and most recently built an outdoor class room, all of these with little to no cost to the school board. This shows how much these kids and the school means to this community.

The plan the school board has released does have plans for a new school for Belmont which Springfield is in favour of as long as it doesn’t affect our school. A community needs a school for the kids, for the businesses and for the families. The Save the Springfield School committee will be working hard for the next few months to show the Thames Valley School Board and their Trustees the importance of this school.

For more information on how you can help please contact either Jessica Goodwill at, or another member of the Save the School committee.

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