Watershed Conditions Statement – Flood Outlook

St. Thomas – Kettle Creek Conservation Authority is issuing a Watershed Conditions Statement – Flood Outlook for residents of the Kettle Creek watershed. The main concerns at this time are rising creek levels and fast flowing water due to torrential downpours.

“Intense, localized thunderstorm activity could result in flooding in low lying areas. The water is cold and flows can be unpredictable during thunderstorm events,” says Jennifer Dow water conservation supervisor for Kettle Creek Conservation Authority. “Keep an eye on local weather conditions and take appropriate measures to stay safe.”

Approximately 15-20 mm of rain is expected in the next 24 hours. Residents are asked to watch local conditions closely and take appropriate action.

The public is encouraged to exercise caution near ditches, streams, creeks and reservoirs as the combination of slippery banks and fast flowing water is very dangerous.  Parents in particular are urged to keep their children away from waterways and flood prone areas during times of high flow.

KCCA will be closely monitoring local conditions and will provide any updates warranted.

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