Advancing the Curve through Structural Contracting

Greetings my gentle readers to another weeks installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. That wonderful point of time in the weekend that we step back and consider with appreciation that we survived the week that was. That point as well if we wish through mindful reflection to assess what we did, how we did it and what were the outcomes, and indeed were they positive or negative? Were you perhaps indeed the architect of the outcomes and if not, could you become that structural contractor of your life?

We all I believe have the opportunities to look to the large through the proper leveraging of the small. One logistically cannot expect to be handed everything on a silver platter, yet too often that seems to be more and more prevalent. This I believe is an extension of the entitlement that is becoming more prevalent in the First World economies, even as the poor in the Third World become more poor. The famous Huey Long “Share the Wealth” speech of 1935 really has not changed much. At that point, 4% of Americans owned over 80% of the wealth. That figure really has only gotten worse across the past 80 years, and THAT was in a period of depression.

This inherently creates a huge incongruence and stress on the structure that is our lives. That then begets the question as to whether or not we shore up the structure and how can we do it? That will set us well in looking ahead to the winds and flames and darts that will come our way. They come for all, we cannot avoid but we can conceptually plan in order to protect the peace and feelings of being at-ease that we all value. For indeed, is it not in the desire to BE at-ease, for the converse is truly unpalatable, and that is the dis-ease that drives disease?

Through what we do and who we are, and a careful evaluation of our needs, friends and environment we can make a determination are we prone to snipers, fires, flood , famine, tsunamis or hurricanes? The world through its open media sensationalism and proclivities towards anonymous and face-to-face overt and covert bullying creates an idea of how we must protect ourselves.

In advancing the curve and being the architect of our new, reinforced structure that is our life (and indeed the actions we make define next lives), we are then and now presented with a dichotomy. Do we create a structure that returns the evil or kills the negatives with positives? Personally, being aware and able to step back and reflect on what is and being able to appreciate that even challenges happen for a reason allow us to reframe the situation. We do not have to lash out and attack in the absence of the evidence needed to answer the question. Rather a mindful reflection of the root cause and filtered through experiences often helps. Pollyanna-ish, I know… but often effective. Also almost always guarantees that one does not become a statistic on a government chart when the boomerang that you threw comes back and whacks you in the arse. Ouch… that hurts.

In order to achieve this, one needs a solid foundation rooted in belief, faith, hope and a strong dose of spirituality. Not religion, but a Belief in the Spirit and Higher Powers that guide us in times of challenge and times of positive. Plus a network of similar minded friends and family, who you can discuss these ideas with. Not the name game and full of venom, but an opportunity to stop and reflect and assess. Remember those days? Being Pollyanna-ish and trusting and believing, although without the aspect of patience that comes with maturity? As a child we could help, heal and truly believe. We can and may touch those moments and skills again, making them even stronger and truly step into and be yourself, often.

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