“All-Seeing I” OR “All-Seeking I”?

Green Eye

Greetings my gentle readers to another week’s installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog at www.joelwlamoure.com . This is the time where we can sit back with the silence of our own mind and step back from the milieu of the week that was. Too often, we do not take the appropriate steps and moments of peacefulness and tranquility and rush through each thing in order to get to the next. Is really that not insanity?

Along the concepts of hope we appreciate that there are at least four dimensions that we need to explore in order to achieve optimal hope. The first is holistic health, second is outcome driven objectives, third is the fact that everything we do is personalized and the final aspect is that of empowerment.

I read once upon a time (for really, mustn’t all stories, fairy tales and blogs start with that line?) that mankind is the creator of the straight line. Where my friends do straight lines exist in abundance in nature? Certainly at a more molecular level one might agree in the bonds between atoms, but really what we call a tree, a blade of grass etc. is NOT straight. Non-straight lines hurt our linear mind unless like a willow, we are willing to bend, adapt, adjust and do so without judgement. What do we strive for and what our objectives. For we know that Saul wandered until the scales were lifted from his eyes and then was enlightened in sight, spirit and soul.

Nothing is said about the commercialism or components of stuff infusing or suffusing him with the insight, but rather a flash of divinity and inspiration. Too often though that radar dish that is in our mind is shorted out and dulled by the promiscuity and curves of the seductress of life and stuff. We are lulled into a false fullness and complacency which curbs our enthusiasms and abilities to truly make a difference. Even worse, it makes it hard to see beyond the “All-Seeing I”. Even worse is that it becomes the “All-Seeking I” and there is nary a moment from friend or neighbor, friend or learnings but rather stuff, negativity and vitriol.

Too often we try to put the square peg into the round hole and try to make the darn thing fit and conform. Uh-uh, no way and ain’t gunna happen. Cant we realize that we are equipped to aid, listen and share? To have all seeing and all-seeking but as and with the gifts and presents the world has to offer in the Present? Really, the miracles that abound?

The only way that we can make this equation work if we morph the peg to fit, either by accident or design. I have said it before that we are Model T Fords in a Ferrari society. Per wit, we have been transmogrified to “fit” the society allowance, rules, expectations and accountabilities. Remember the square peg? Thats got to hurt once you start cutting off the chunks that dont just conform beautifully (and I use that word in a very deliberate way) to the level of expectation. “Do this, do that, can’t you read the signs” as the Five-Man Electrical Band would state in their song from the period of the age of Aquarius. Why can individuals not just respect the premises of intelligent concern and kindness for others and practice that? Resonate with the crystals that they are and feel the beauty and be able to express that inner joy? That would make some of the conformities more acceptable and shave off a little less of the peg… thus making life more rewarding and fulfilling. What is important, respecting others, caring, a few true friendships, a soft word and the scents of ambrosia.

These are the things of the amorphic. Sorry people, we are so much more than a job, title, position and user of oxygen on this earth. We need to go beyond the tangible and look to the special, secret moments and quiet voice that exists within all of us. To express ourselves as a flower expresses itself in what we do, how we function and how we dress. To judge these freedoms of expression that do no harm to others is well, narcissistic and egocentric. Sorry… you are selfish. “Judge not, lest ye be judged”. Dog eat dog baby.

Does it have to be this way? Nope. Does everything have to be rationalized to death? Nope. Does everything have a rational answer? Nope. And by looking at the irrational and the spur of the moment, the winds of war… the greatest insights, opportunities, gifts and flames alight. Keep your eye open for those Doors of Fate that arise in the midst of the darkness, not focusing on the fact your life sucks that you are in a period of darkness and that you DESERVE (darn it) the light and gifts.

You know my friends, you might… just might find a square hole. How? Express yourself with gratitude, humility and with hope, faith and belief and Be yourself, often.

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