Assigning the Grade-2011 was a B+

Greetings my very gentle readers to the last installment of the 2011 “Be Yourself, Often” Blog, a time to be able to look back on the year and the year’s challenges and successes and determine what we decided were milestones and what were perhaps more millstones in theory.

The end of a year is very similar to Christmas. I posted in the last weeks blog entitled “Surviving Post Christmas” that perhaps if we were smarter and worked smarter as opposed of harder that we could successfully repackage and regift to ourselves each and every day 24/7 X365 some of the wonderment that comes on that day. In fact, it was also the topic of the December 28th radio show Prescribing Spiritual HOPE in regards to gifts and where they lie in the miracle of the day!

Perhaps we could do the same for the end of the year? While we are running around in a slightly schizoaffective way all over the map and attending parties, drinking and much more… we tend to think to the way the year treated us. We think not how WE treated the year but in fact the impact it had on us. Oh Narcissus, pass me that mirror baby!  We tend to assign the year a grade and reflect on the trials and tribulations that has benefited and befallen us.

Instead, why do we not approach this on a more logical thought curve and appreciate each day and each moment instead of wondering in a zombie state and not even realizing it? That is one of the biggest learnings that I have had this year. That we truly do not appreciate the intricacies of the moment and the enlightenment that is all around us. Perhaps we can take stock at all points on the impacts that we have on others instead of the essential “I” and ego driven approaches that drive our existence? To be be now more able to appreciate the quiet stillness that exists within all of us?

What if we looked at each day and each moment as a gift and new beginning? To be able to say that we have the ability to stop and reflect, in silent humility and by doing so, connected with the Spirit inside each of us that reflects on the miracles of the moment? To appreciate in advance the impact and import of what we do and how it impacts on others, including nature? What if we woke with the ability to see that you CAN and DO impact the world and CAN and DO make a difference to someone else? And along the course of the day to be able to hear the colours, taste the wind and see the sounds? Incredible indeed.

Perhaps then at the end of the day, each and eevry day we can give thanks and reflect on the miracles of the day? Would that not make each day deeper and richer? To stribe for a grade of B+ each day? (Be positive?)

For I do believe if we approach from that perspective and a new life each day and like the wonderment of a child, our approach and actions, beliefs and reactions will be different. To be able to not be afraid to play, hear the colours, taste the wind and see the sounds and embrace the moment is to live, feel and be alive and awake…truly to give you the gift that you can be yourself, often.

Have a wonderful and inspired and alive 2012 my gentle readers and Be Yourself, Often.

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