Balancing Acts of Gods and Generals

Greetings my gentle readers to this week’s (albeit late) edition of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. Ah yes, a time that and when we can step back and reflect on the subtleties and largeties of the day and week, break bread together in a few moments of peace.

This has been such an exciting and wonderful week as it relates to many topics and moments and glimmers of light radiating through unopened doors with the map in the mind serving as a vista to step from. A week where the belief, faith and hope resonated strong and wonderful friends, colleagues and family come to play. These are such exciting times and we are actually exceedingly privileged as we move ahead my friends to have such friends that will help you mind and reflect. In challenges come wonderful opportunities and the layers of the mask addressed.

As layers of the mask come off and we really truly address the core and root individual that we are, it was postulated by a wise colleague of mine that sometimes maybe the world doesnt want to entirely see the total without makeup side that we have. And in fact, it may do us benefit to maintain some autonomy behind a mask or two. Being the person that I am, I can and will wholeheartedly agree, that sometimes the honesty and up front may just be too much for people!

But what a wonderful discussion and reflection to move forward with! And another set of very key discussions had to do with balance. Who is who that we are in the situations that arise and what do we stand for versus the what that the situation demands? And in all of those reflections on balance and that some aspects may just get lost in the mask themselves, it is the root that we must be ourselves often. To look at the who that we are and in balance be comfortable with that person and live the dream that we are living and to do it well and with personal integrity.

In challenges come wonderful opportunities and clarity. That is the times when one doesnt thing that things are going exactly the way that WE expect them to… that always, always, always a new set of opportunities come. Per wit, we have exhausted and come to the end of the map in our mind. Do we play that level again, or with inspirations and support of those around look to the lines and shadows and new doors of opportunity either personally or professionally to advance? And if we knock or try to push open those doors, what lies on the other side? It truly is a fools guess to try to think what the other person may be thinking, planning, doing and in any way, shape or form to step away, fight or impede what the wheel of samsara has come around to. That we are open and receptive and gracious when a situation arises. That is the tool of leaders versus cowards. The choice of Gods and Generals.

For we are to understand and forgive and learn. To make an accurate determination of the lay of the land with a fearless review of the resources and internal skills that we have and possess. That can not be taken away unless we take them away. To practice and belief with high integrity.

And that my gentle readers stems back to the ability to listen careful and as I am learning to ask and encourage the feedback that will help advance the thought process, make it even richer and allow a situation where all are heard. That we are able to feel and see that kind and loving reflection that we have been afforded, and make do and also be comfortable with it! That we then know the lay of the land and what is needed and afforded much clarity, with (most of) the masks removed. And that we are comfortable with that person. This opens the vial of spiritual hope. For that we are allowed then to advance down a complete and holistic path which is rooted in the REAL goals and outcomes set for us, versus what we believe and believed is our due (oh the RICH delusions we create!!!). That knowledge and surrounded by like minded empowers us and the story is all about personalization and this is my story.

Holistic health…. to be light at heart and mind and comfortable with the surroundings and the miracles that abound around us in the momemnt. Yes, I think that just may allow you (and me) to be yourself, often.

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