Beacons Fostering Light and Love Through Storms

Storm Texture
Image: borealnz

Greetings my gentle readers to this week’s instalment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. As you all well know, this is a time when we can all sit back and think and the moments that were in a segment of time on this plane that will not return again. When one stops and reflects on it from that sort of perspective, it is quite a sobering point. A collection of events that transpire in our lives that result in negative outcomes, most often beyond our control and results in “The Perfect Storm” or “Frankenstorm”, which may be more appropriate given the weather patterns across the Eastern seaboard of the United States as this is being written.

However, what we do with challenges and forces of positive and negative that integrate themselves into our path is always a potential for reflection. It is not that we are lucky or unlucky, but if we are to address these forces that intersect our vector, awareness is essential.

There are some situations that occur that are so much an act of aggression that it is us during times that we are so least deserving or ready to fight that battle, yet we most. It is an interface of the worlds we have that co-exist on Earth in a spectrum. In my experience, these challenges that impact these people are most often debilitating, severe and impact on a persons financial or personal health and well being encompassing disaster and disease that results in dis-ease.

It is an attack also on the psyche of the person and results in an alteration of the orbit of their world, that can cause nothing less than a marked change, coupled with a health degree of positive self-talk, reflection and looking to the root cause analysis of why. Root cause analysis is a pattern of asking the question “why?” 5 times in a sequential and structured format. Why did this happen? Why me? Why now? Why are the forces causing challenges at this point and time?

One of the hardest questions that I have had to grapple with, is that why is it always the kindest, most warm and loving people that this happens to often? The people that give so much and earn from the Universe trials and tribulations for their efforts and kindness helping others while those that may not care the same or are more self-centered seem unafflicted? Blindness, neurological, psychological, physiological, autoimmune, nerve and immobility to name a few. It is what the people do with these challenges that make them beacons of Light that translate into positive outcomes across time and give for others.

These are individuals, and we all know one that is a beacon of Light on the dark and stormy seas. Their guiding light saves many mariners such as myself from the darkness and towering waves of the moment. They are truly Light-givers and altruistic in nature. They are heroes that push humanity ahead. They ensure that the vectors of humanity are not fully divergent, but have the opportunity if so chosen and selected for the masses to learn love and light.

And I believe to have the true honour to touch these individuals and have them touch you is to touch the spirit in the sky. And just maybe the gift that they carry will translate to you if you have the willingness and fortitude to learn. And to learn the gift of love and light is to touch the person and spirit that we truly are, and allow you to be yourself, often.

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