Buffet of Life and the Ego-Dog

Greetings my gentle reader friends to this week’s blog installment. Been quite a week on so many levels and as usual, a week of high and lows… a week of challenges and opportunities and most importantly, a week of choices.

I decided this week to take a look at what we are capable of doing, to reflect that the sky is truly the limit and even beyond that into the Universe. For we must adapt a ego-centric, all about me mentality in this discussion or we will be lost. This has been discussed before, in that being yourself sometimes means giving away in order to receive and to look towards a more minimalist approach, while at the same time being able and willing to address a degree of pluralism.

The words chosen are so very deliberate and buffet can mean either a large feast table or a strong wind that can take one from their course. Again, the discussions are one of dichotomies and one way or the other. Take the red pill or the blue pill? Take the left fork on the road or the right fork? Take this interchange or another? There are always choices and always signs. As the Five Man Electrical Band stated “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign”. But are WE acute and aware-enough to recognize these signs? Blend it with the concept that “every snowflake falls in exactly the right place”. What keeps us from these valuable insights and awareness of the fact we are headed down a road that is closed, bridge out…see ya baby and don’t write? Booya.

I believe this has to do with the fact we are as humans being driven by that dog called ego and the tail that wags the dog is the culture that we have created and I do not believe that we are able to fathom or manage. Let me tell you my friends… that is one evil, mean, unhappy, ticked off dog. And he’s hungry and drooling on our shoulders. Ouch…see ya baby and dont write. Booya.

We do have a way to lock this beast away… first way is through awareness. How do I develop awareness?Through Belief and connection with your higher powers through belief. How do you get Belief? Spirituality and mindfulness . How do you get those? The secret is so easy as to be laughable and links to the law of diminishing returns. That being that the harder we work, the less productive that we are, ESPECIALLY if we are chasing the Ego-Dog that lies within us… full of teeth labelled as the mortal sins including pride, lust, gluttony, greed, sloth and more. Want evidence that dog is biting and the standard path is biting us in the arse? Look to www.cnn.com or any news outlet. Want to make it personal, then look at your workplace? No job? Then look at the situation around and surrounding you. Spirituality has a root that muzzles that Ego-Dog.

Herein we come back to mindfulness. That is being at one with the momenet and by doing less for more. Fill yourself with your Belief instead of the sin of gluttony that we are bombarded with. False expectattions, false idols and false beliefs. If I told you that your could fly with wax wings towards the sun, would you believe me? Nope…silly premise. Howdid it work for Icarus? Seriously. See ya baby and dont write. Booya.

And herein lies the simplicity of becoming a vessel to receive, not snatch and grab and fill with the sins of the mortal. They are mortal for a reason. Ouch. Dog bites arse, gets infected and then a slow spiritual death and physical demise. Disease has a very strong biomedical root in dis-ease. Thus is the interface of religion, spirituality and bio-medicine. If it isnt that way?….See ya baby and dont write. Booya. When we remove our premise of going for the goodies and sit down, shut up and realize we are but a blade of grass on the lawn of life, something incredible will happen with repeated exercise. Colours become clearer, sounds sharper and what is meant to be, will be and we will be at ease with that. There are Miracles in the Moments that can only be appreciated through mindfulness and belief that the world and ourselves are far, FAR much more than we our ourself.

And when that insight comes, and life is lived in the moment and appreciating the gifts that dont come from a store and the silent voice in the wind speaks to you and the sea turtle is seen in the clouds, only then can you advance and Believe without hypocrisy and be as innocent as a child and truly be yourself, often.

— Dr. Joel Lamoure November 2011

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