Changing a belief and practice system

Greetings my gentle friends to this week’s instalment of the “Be Yourself, Often” Blog. I would like first off to thank all those that have read the blog, shared it and most especially used this forum to advance themselves and their goals and objectives in order to advance humanities and HOPE.

You will find many links here and in this webpage to the fact that I believe that items and things and feelings and the end objective should very much be holistic in nature and that we strive for an end objective that is outcome driven. Per with, that is our outcomes that we are travelling to and hope to achieve. That the journey is personalized and infused with connections, people and especially spirituality is key. The E is empowerment and empathic skills and understanding what the needs are from all aspects. There is another E, which is Ego that has been written about quite extensively the past 4 weeks that will not necessarily advance human and spiritual goals and dreams as the deadly sins extend from ego-centric approaches.

I have written much of forks in the road and dynamics and challenges… but never stated what happens when one senses that a belief system and outcome are to change when  choice comes up. There certainly are certain voices that exist within the winds of war that allow and have a person look to different end points, if they are willing to see and appreciate and have enough fortitude to believe that Thy will be done, not My will be done. Huge, huge difference my friend and gentle readers. Fascinating indeed.

It does take alot of belief and hope, faith and belief to see signals in the road and travel down a new Path with new Faith. The past 3 months have repeated that over and over to me. Differences in communications, faith, skill-sets and practices have all been poking away. So what to do,and this happens to us all of the time and each of us have a quiet reflection to make, coupled with the map in their mind and a few close friends and family, and 1-2 very close advisers. The best thing about a close compatriot that may be an adviser is they may not even realize the wisdom they impart. BUT, the skills that they offer is a valuable key at the time to reading the map in the mind.

These are uncertain times my friends, with the only notable comparator being the period between 1966-1974 and the Vietnam War. This was a period that ripples outwards and the End of Innocence one may think and reflect. The Occupy Movements, drug advancements and trials and experimentations, query of authority and most of all the brave people dying. What will 5 years from now bring after the “Arab Spring” and “European Winter” ahead? We know not. These are winds of change.

So, what do we do and how shall we act and believe? With honesty, integrity and effort and be gentle to those around us for we need not more toil. Perhaps rather to look to the river and reflect on the mindfulness, beauty and simplicity of the day and carry a soft word and innocent smile more than a baton and pepper spray. More unification and realize that we are more similar than different. There are only very small genetic code differences across the world…

I do believe that a strong person and one of integrity is not one who fights for a rigid belief system, but rather one that is willing to listen to the silent voices in the wind and be willing to change their practice systems. Once we change thoughts, it changes beliefs and once we change beliefs, it changes attitudes. And here the vector changes as attitudes will beget actions will beget outcomes. And thus our vector changes.

To go and realize and appreciate and apply that, it to travel with the wind and allow you to be yourself, often.

— Dr. Joel Lamoure   November 2011

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