Chaos Theory of the Humanities-CHUMPs AND NMEs

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This has been a week of pain and disasters. A hurricane, tornado 90 minutes from here and then wild weather last evening twinned with the Earthquake in Virgina of Magnitude 5.8 that I could feel even in my office up in psychiatry on the 7th floor in London. All of these factors have made me reflect more on the chaos theory. If you are unfamiliar with the chaos theory… this information may be found at the Wiki entry here. Now I am not going to go into discussions of astrophysics, metaphysics and fractals here, but consider if you will passing along a message, mouth to mouth. Sort of like gossip. One person did one thing and had a picnic and by word of mouth, person to person all of a sudden I was on the grassy knoll in 1963 in Dallas and JFK’s motorcade is passing by and there was a rifle in my picnic basket. Almost all stability and reality has been morphed and the facts flagrantly dismissed. This is the edge of what I term “Chaotic Human Utterances- Mental Pathopsychology”= CHUMP.

Yes my friend… when you pass on things, you tend to embellish them. So what? This is driven by your EGO, and that has the need to be liked and wanted and needed by the group. That you have some special (wow) information that will captivate others and you will rise to the top of the food chain. You may pass along this information with all the sombreness of a judge and a stack of Bibles… BUT you are doing it for YOU. Sorry my gentle reader, but you are afflicted by the CHUMP syndrome. I feel for you. Its cmmonplace and reinforced by socil medial and especially in a celebrity based Western media ego-centric culture.

Ok… back to the hurricane, tornado, storms and earthquake of this week. I have stated the concerns and theories around the chaos theory as it relates to the weather. Small atmospheric changes meet the right condtions and whammo. See ya later and dont write. The holes in the Swiss Cheese line up and it becomes a disaster. Cant argue with the facts and logic of this. Why did I feel a small 5.8 earthquake 500miles away? Because of where it was, the rock amplified it, I was 7 floors up and working at my desk. All the factors, plus so many other contributed to me feeling this.

Takes a very small leap of faith to apply this chaos theory to how we react with others. Ego-centric need to be liked and some one particular level of detail, and add in jealousy and whammo…. CHUMP pending. But how does that manifest? Gossip, negative talk, hate messages, treating others like a social outcast based on race, sex,sexual orientation, actions, medical condition, impediments, poverty, money, dress, clothing, religion, colour or creed. Oh well, they deserved it right? You do of course realize every action, and I mean EVERY has an outcome and consequence. You look like a freaking hero for passing along the information.. I mean… its just SO salicious! You have contributed to be an accomplice in the end results. Last week I met a lovely lady named Ann. Her son’s story touched me. His name was Jeremiah and was bullied. Happens all the time so its all cool right? I mean doesnt matter how the victim of the verbal discourse feels.. Not MY Ego (NME).  NME is exactly what it sounds like… an ENEMY OF HUMANITY, GOODNESS and KINDNESS. If all you care is about your ego, inherently by logical progression everything else is an NME to your state.

The end result? As opposed of me going on… read the brief story here (and there is a Facebook page) and think before you suffer from CHUMP-isms. Mr. Jeremiah Gettis, may we never forget and pay the learnings forward. I believe there can through kindness and love and intelligent concern from others overcome disaster. The F3 Tornado in Goderich and pulling together of the community speaks to support of the theory. Can overcome even the tornado disaster than is here in pictures from the Huffington Post. And humanity is overcoming it. Imagine, just imagine what we could do when there wasnt a crisis to change the world?

Dont like the thought of that you could result in being part of a bully network? Silence and Divine love and be at ease with yourself. Maybe we can create the winds and chaos theory of positive outcomes. I believe that we can. Call me an optimist…oh well, Ive been called worse. Before you do though, and call me worse and throw that stone, do me one favour. Turn the mirror on yourself my friends and love that person first. Only then can you be yourself, often.

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