Days of Atonement and Thanksgiving

Greetings my gentle readers and weekly instalment of the blog is here and now! So many celebrations for many of my friends, in ceremonies that go back hundreds to thousands of years and are deeply rooted in who we are and who we can become.

Those of you that know me personally know that one of my favourite expressions are “its better to aim for the stars than to aim for a pile of poop and hit it”. Herein lies the free will covenant that I touched on last week and also those of karmic energies, the wheels of samsara and also Faith and Spirituality, with a gentle and not overbearing aspect of dogmatic challenges.

We are at a cross-roads my friends. These are the days, and in fact today is the day that you (YOU) have the ability to take charge of your destiny and be a casualty or a champion. The days we can appreciate that we are all in sin in either a mortal or venial fashion and make a conscious decision to expiate those negative traits. BUT, it takes a knowledge of the wishes of what you want and progressing forward where do YOU want to be in the book of life for the year ahead? What will your chapter look like and how will you be remembered? Care to join the Axis of Weasels? Feel free and I will pray and hope that you come back around and realize the spiritus in the spirit and the joie de vive. Today is always the right day to make that decision and that small baby steps to make that happen. No amount of $50 bills will restart your heart my friends and life comes from within and then then next steps are projection and reflection.

That takes us in some of the reflections of Yom Kippur and the Days of Aw from the past 9 days and now to the days of thanks… that I believe come after the insights associated with atonement and also the insights of belief where we are in the great Book of Life and what has been written already. These are also the days of Thanksgiving, formally here in Canada and 5 weeks from now in the USA, but I challenge that any day should be a day of reflection and Thanksgiving? Why? For you are made up of a bunch of non-you facets and elements and energies and pasts that will drive the future. You may gorge yourself of social media, TV and the celebrity hotlines… but that is NOT you. Please understand these are not you.. but one tends to identify with WANT of what they see and read and while becoming someone else, the you in the equation gets lost. And that is a very dark place and woods to be my friend, with many wolves out there that love fresh meat. See ya baby, dont write and bye-byes.

Be a hero… and that is to step away from what is demanded of you to conform and learn to light that fire within yourself and use the candles around you to ignite the passions. Give thanks for everything and especially the friends and family that believe in you. They arent wrong. Transfer some of it and have a love affair with yourself (no Polaroids please, and dont post it on Facebook! :P ) Take the you and the challenges you have and instead of hiding… do a full frontal attack and turn them into a strength. First, need the insight that comes from the reflection and the attack comes from projection.

Live it, love it and write history my friends by being yourself, often.

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