Defining life with honesty

Greetings my gentle readers to this weeks installment of the “Be yourself, often” blog. Ah yes, a time when we are able to step back and reflect on the myriad of successes and challenges of the week. Time to quietly step back and reflect over a cup of coffee and answer the extistential question. “Was I the pigeon this week… or the statue”?

Interestingly.. usually you can be both and sadly enough depending on the degree of perspective and how the lens is applied you may actually be both! A hero in one vein and a villain in the other. Ah the joys of trying to satisfy many masters. But where is the you in there? Where is the hope, faith and belief that every human being has the inherent chances, rights and opportunities to have? Well my gentle readers, that is often lost in the fact that we are so wrapped up in trying to achieve what we THINK is important and lose the crucible of the moment. Sometimes to the point where its so bad that the crucible breaks, spilling the contents into the fire. And ouch… burn baby that one hurts like a son of a sun.

Peace, patience, silence, humility and serenity. Not serenity now, darn it! I believe that these 5 items which are my mantra as many of you know are essential to good health and wellbeing. sadly, I dont achieve those very often, but I do try. True serenity I believe will come as the mind quiets down and listens to the silent voice in the wind. And that requires some brutal honesty that is lost in the mind numbing western cultural things that we have. In tv, mass media and social media… we lose ourselves and our minds and our self-identification in things OTHERS want us to believe in. I mean, to have an attention span of 3 minutes on some topics is very sad. Means that we are not able to be able to take in any more than the highest level of sensory input. And that is usually associated with a mind dissolving salve of what the men in the blue pinstripe suits want you to know and do. Sheeple.

I believe that to define a life with honesty and traversing down this road we need to practice and live our mantras. Maybe the “law of diminishing returns” had something to do with life as well. as we rev our little Model T Ford engines in this Ferrari society… we get run over. Seeya baby and booya. Dont write. We do have that choice to race with the big boys but you will lose almost every-time. Sure there are some that win the game.. and its like buying a lottery ticket. Set those hopes, goals and dreams and still get left holding worthless paper. Maybe then we should not focus on the paper, but redefining our lives with that honesty and integrity. To rev the engines mean they blow meaning you dont optimize performance. What if, in line with the Law, that we optimize our efforts to 70-80% and spend the rest of the time on us? To sit back in the buckwheat and appreciate the voices in the wind and the animals in the clouds. Per wit, to be a kid again at heart and in spirit and actions and even more important, beliefs.

That just maybe my gentle readers, through redefining life with honesty and more balance that we are able to infuse in our busy lives what matters. Faith and Belief are 2 key elements in this new crucible. Where and how did the miracles of the moment come from? Maybe youve had enough and dont want to race anymore… I dont blame you. There are miracles abound and I am hypothesizing that by capturing and feeling this Heaven on Earth… you might just be able to be yourself, often.

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