(D)Evolution of the Fiber-Optic Class?

Ok folks, gentle readers and those that subscribe to this blog at www.joelwlamoure.com and diligently read this that I apologize for being late (again) this week as its been a time myself  (yet again) of stopping and reflecting and wondering what to write. What is important and what makes the biggest difference at the end of the day. Today is Victoria Day and tried to figure out how to fit in Canadiana and family/fun/fireworks into the mix but just couldn’t work it through. I have had though great opportunities to watch and learn from people this week that had no intention up front of teaching me anything, and from those that did. Actually sometimes those are the most impactful learnings I find.

The past 3 weeks from my radio show “Prescribing Spiritual HOPE” in a bit of a self-imposed reflective exile I have been able to step back and reflect on the things that drive life, the people that we meet, the items that we have, the gestures that we make and the adventures that we have and share. Really at the end of the day what is important and what is not. Assumptions that we make and how they create the next steps in the running dialogue of the life that is and even more how these subsequently translate into positives and negatives in ours and others’ lives. I will SO agree that everyone sees things in a different light and what is important to some are useless pieces of shiat to others. My goal is not to impose or force my will on others, but to cause us as human beings to think and reflect as well. In keeping with my New Years Resolution (yes, still going :P ), which was to not judge, not jump to decisions and to be careful with the things that were said lest they hurt as words and comments bite more than one knows. Even more so in this electronic world where we are truly adrift… unknowing of the 90% of communication, and just how valuable this is.

All of the rate, tone, pitch, expressions, eye contact, muscular expressions etc. Also reflecting over the past several weeks on why such negative comes to such beautiful people and how in a heartbeat masks are discarded and inner rage can predominate what was once a relationship of love. Reflections on when there are acts of kindness commenced that why do people personalize these events and claim there is unfairness and inequity. Complain and shut down the pipeline of aid instead of trying to network with the pipeline of joy that radiates out even more. Be positive besides positively demoralizing. I believe this will occur more and more in this electronic world devoid of non-verbal human touch and also as the ability to rip off that mask, express oneself and have ZERO accountability enhances. We are not acting as tigers in such ways, but that of jackals.

Bad things happen to good people and very inspired individuals and great opportunities are given to those that may not seem deserving. I see the opportunities lie here in leveling the playing field. Spirituality is a wonderful way to achieve that objective. I have enough belief and been a fortunate recipient by my wonderful parents and families who always did the best they could with what they had at the time in love, life and empowerment that that might actually happen. Reframing our thoughts and knowledge and being open vs. entitled helps a great deal with that objective.

We are then able and willing (and wanting) to step and aid, even in a small way with my gifts that I have been given to step up to the plate and aid a hero that is in need. Someone that is having a challenge, a good person and needing a stabilizing arm. That I believe we can all offer and help them stand up and brush the dirt from the road off their clothing and watch as they start to progress and shine again. There are sadly very many of them out there. The people that have been blinded, crippled and or beat by societal demands and dictates. Yet these people deserve and want and need to practice and live with pride and integrity in the way they know and understand. Without Judgement or assumptions that hinder and hamper aid. The heroes that give their time and resources to help less fortunate and bolster their potentially fragile egos and feelings and show them some in the world DO care.

The person that we look to isnt the people at the top of the societal game usually. As stated by the late Harry Chapin, Rich people are too busy hanging on to their wealth and items and possessions, no matter how they got them. The poor person is struggling to make ends meet, yet in my experience those that give and help are those that ARE at a more dis-advantaged state. They give of time, love, caring and experiences.

Maybe, just maybe what really matters at the end of the day isnt how much money I have, the car I drive, a house on the lake and my symbols and trapping of status. Heck, it didn’t work too well in Sodom and Gomorrah did it. Ouch. Maybe we are creating that psychopathology again, I don’t know and will save that for a theological discussion one day. This time the invisible webs that are reinforcing the Towers of Babel are held up by fiber optic cables and a mask of denial, a false golden calf that we have all strived to worship and achieve in the sense of the great god of Economics.

Where did we lose our definition of a hero and leader? Where did these individuals go? I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer and present at a moving ceremony in the cool wind of a man who gave his life to save 2 others 70 years ago over Lake Erie. One man and LAC Spooner gave his so others could survive. These stories abound and the reflections I had the privilege to deliver that esteemed group related to the fact that “Freedom is NOT free” and also the fact from a previous blog that states we have gone from the “All Seeing I” to the “All SeeKING I”. We have totally lost our moral compass, or at least gone off course somewhere since the days of Victoria.

What is REALLY important is being true to your belief system and standing by it 110%, not backbiting others and integrity/consistency. Put that money where your mouth is. At the end of the day, none of us get out alive in this realm.

So at the end of this exercise…what are MY deliverables? I want the opportunity and joy of a smile, to have helped another and feel the experiences that exist in my own backyard of life. At the end of the day, that kind word, effort even in communications that are not face-to-face, smile and experience is what is remembered. To be otherwise is to be dis-connected with who we are. That creates dis-ease. Personally, I will have Nunavut. I would rather spend my time and energies with those that can advance that same curve and pay it forward. But to do that, we must know ourselves fearlessly, pay it forward, and put our currency where our mouth is. To know yourself, you must be yourself, often.

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