Dream Beyond the Expectations

Greetings my gentle readers to another week’s installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. That time when we are able to step back, reflect, dissect and discuss the moments that have been what we called the week that was, all under the premises of advancing our humanity, spirit and power to learn in a way that begets more positives.

Along the way we should be aiming for a shoreline and a destination that we strongly believe in based in our own Belief structure. We know well that our Beliefs will define our thoughts, which will impact our actions, which will change in a positive or negative way the outcomes that we receive. Certainly we know that not all outcomes are deserved, desired or what we had expected at the time, but it is balancing the concepts that everything is exactly as meant to be versus the human desires that we have.

Those human desires tend to be sold as a bill of sale as the expectations that we will be able to have in life. Even more, that illusion and challenge is becoming more robust as these fallacies often set us up for a fall… a major one. Why is that? We know that we cannot take it with us yet we hoard and express and demonstrate so many of Dante’s Deadly Sins. These sins all tend to root around the general concept of the self and greed.

Greed and the golden calf and the moneychangers at the table offer us a very valuable lesson. For we know what befell these civilizations and individuals. Yet, what of the individuals that was and is hurt along the way? What about them? As the divide becomes wider and the lines of reality become fuzzier, what eventually will transpire? One may hypothesize that the expectations and the world of stuff will become a non-issue. We move into worlds of karmic outcomes at this point and ultimately the actions of the individual…not the system will define their outcomes. Relying on the societal driven outcomes I worry may lead us to a form of group hysteria, or even worse if history is to educate us well.

It means that this is the time to help advance humanity at a critical point where there is risk of divide. There are those that are headed to evil acts behind the curtain and prosper and those that are wonderful friend who give and have gifts and talents that they share without remuneration and suffer. There is no set reason in this chaos theory, which reinforces the desire to come to a common ground of the bill of sale of the machine.

To dream beyond the expectations means that how would we act at the end days? What if we were actually in the proverbial foxhole and what would you do? This should rule our actions in the here and now, even beyond a theological discussion and ties into basic kindness, humanities and ethics. For those that are able to look to that outcome, which will happen to all of us will obtain their desired goals. What do others think of you when you are gone? What sort of life are you living? Is it rooted in ego and you or rooted in humanity? How do you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror? Are you able to see the positives, or always denigrate others?

A goal I have is to give the incredible kindness and bounty of intelligent concern, love, kindness and positivity to others and advance the curve. The best curve on a person after all, is their smile.

Really, to dream beyond expectations means are you willing to hold the ladder to help others up, pull them out of the fire or do you push them in? We have the ability rich or poor to practice basic humanity for it costs little and to save the world and live the dream. You can be positive or negative in approach and also feeding or dousing the fire… again, you drive your outcomes beyond the expectations offered in the now. Whatever you do, will return in aces and good or bad will define and become and be yourself, often.

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