Escaping the Barriers that Bind Us

Greeting my gentle readers yet again to another week of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. A time to step back and appreciate the steps that you have taken through the week, identify them and recognize the fingerprint that is yours embossed all over the week. For some people that may sound very scary and others it is a joy and triumph. So what defines and delineates the two?

Last week we talked about identifying the barriers that exist within us and more often than not are made and owned by us. We love and hate our walls that we have created, all in one felled swoop. They channel our existence and work and at the same time seem to hamper us from the activities that we long and desire.

So how can and could we break and address these challenges? Is it even within our scope and mandate, or are we to be mindless sheeple that do as old and all we be looked after by the Great Political and Societal Father? Interesting concept I believe. Foe we do have, as I have alluded to many times the ability to go beyond the obvious and to exercise and stretch our Inspirational and Spiritual wings that we all have. We are far more as human beings than the sum of our parts and there are the unknown aspects of virtues, deadly sins, humanities and more that configure into the Spiritus that is us.

To identify the barriers and challenges and the frustrations of the day that you experience is an excellent first step to manage them. To address and validate or diminish the perspective by changing the vantage point is often critical. Challenging our belief systems through communications with others that are trusted and have the “stuff” we value is often a good step. The walls may still be very real. This is the opportunity then to take it or leave it, cut bait or fish and just piss or get off the pot. YOU have that choice.

There are several questions that will subsequently extend from this scouting and reconnaissance of the wall. How important is that wall? What does it mean to me? Is it hurtful or protective? Can I live with that wall? Do I need to find a way to get around? This is where our peace, patience, silence, humility and serenity come in. Where we acknowledge, accept and do not fight the challenge, but to take it as a learning opportunity, and where we can make the next choice as how to evolve and think outside the box. Anyone who has ever seen a prison movie knows there are thousands of ways to make a prison break. Lets collaborate and build a ladder, or fly out, or tunnel out. Major point here is passivity and giving in and rolling over is NOT mandatory, unless you want it.

The end objective is that which we strive for. Spirituality, comfort and the positive virtues, which help, dissipate like acid the walls that spring up in our human world. That we can actually be at ease with the moment, even when it appears a challenge. That we observe, learn, appreciate and evolve our thought process.

To evolve and know yourself and be yourself is to see the Light that is within us and grow the wings of flight and freedom from the chaos that exists around us. That light is precious and all around us and as you tunnel through under the walls that you have identified, it shines bright with the promise that you can be yourself, often.

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