First World Whining

Greetings my gentle readers to another installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. A time when we can step back and reflect on the moments that are and the week that was and reflect and wonder about the footprints in the sand that we have made on the beach of life.

No matter the sand, the warmth of the beach or the fact that the sand may be captured by the waves of times, the footprints that have been done solo and collectively still remain in memory and spirit. This week one stops and ponders on the positives and challenges of the day and life that we enjoy. One tends to besmirch the moments with shades of black and grey that deaden the life that is. Smear poop all over the tapestry that is our life, often very unwittingly. Plus there are those that were to take the beautiful tapestry of others and drag it down.

Why is that? We are creatures of love and light and full of our spirit and spiritual energies that make us more than the sum of our parts. These parts that make us up are skin and bones, hair and neurons but beyond that lies a beautiful amorphic that one can only begin to conceptualize.

It is the “I’ and the “Me” in the equation that is so very much more than mono-syllabic terms and words. This is a battle between the spiritus and the ego. That ego dog is fed all of the time and the First World dynamic is a constant 24/7 buffet of unending opportunities for the ego dog. And what does it eat? But relationships in the end run, all along the way with small meals in the format of commercials, consumerism, commercialism, capitalism and the proverbial “Keeping up with the Joneses”.

Along the way there are such feckless whines and complaints that one hears and is against the spiritus in the favour of the ego that is hungry. One of the things that the ego tends to ingest and inhale is the life, light and shining candle of spiritus that lies deeply within each of us. And one can hear these first worlds whines all of the time. They are that a person is never having enough or as much or what they deserve of what they feel that they should have or deserve. And that creates a sense of un-ease, dis-ease and ultimately disease. That there is an incidence of mental health disorders that is up to 25 times that of remote, severely underprivileged third world countries.

You my gentle readers know of what we are speaking. The constant complaints about things that end of the day and almost certainly by the end of the week will not matter in the slightest. It creates a “Poor Me” situation and can you believe it, the personal actually feels downgraded, downcast and put upon!! When they have health, energy, life, senses, lights, electricity, cars, clean air, clothing (enough for 25 outfits or more)… and you see how insane this situation is. And to make it even worse, often they will take those at ease and try to foist their delusional beliefs upon others in the form of hassling, harassment or bullying. Basically drag them down and shred the beautiful tapestry that is one person being themselves.

How can this be overcome? By being careful of Faith and knowing our faith will define our beliefs which will define our thoughts and thus our actions and outcomes. It is about stepping back in the milieu of the moment and being able to be at ease.

To be a kid, a healing entity at heart and mind and be at ease with the moment. To have fun and truly feel and appreciate the senses and elements and connections with the earth that we have. To breathe in fresh air and understand its good to be alive and that we can, if we so choose, know that we can define and write the next set of chapters in our book of life on our Destiny.

And then we can touch the heavens that exist on earth, turn our back to some of the hell that coexists and spread our wings. To do so is to be yourself, often.

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