Gifts of magic wrapped in red satin sashes

Greetings my gentle readers to the final and Fourth Sunday of Advent as we head into Christmastime, 2012. As many of you may have noticed by now, there was Not, repeat was NOT an apocalypse that happened on Friday. The world did not end on December 21,2012 for the vast majority of people and just a gentle reminder you have 1 day left to get your loved ones (et moi) something if you give gifts.

This is that magical time when we can sit back and reflect not on the year that was (that’s next weeks blog), but on the sanities and insanities of the week that was and filter it through the retroscope and see what comes out. Generally and overall, these are days and moments where the positivity and enhanced days of enlightment can and shall unfold if we wish them to. The weaving of our beautiful tapestry is well under way and through Christmas we can add our red satin sashes as we look to a few of our most favourite things. A time for sharing, a time for love. A time for family, a time for enlightenment.

Here is likely my last thought before Christmas and 1 more for 2012, which will be the reflection of the year that was. That day of reflection before we look ahead and if we have enough fortitude to learn from the goods and the bads that was and were and never shall be again. What is a gift and why is Christmas so stressful for so many people? Is it the family, gift buying, uncertainty of what to give, family, financial challenges pre and post, travel and all the music that says we should be happy or family?

Simple answer is yes.

We tend to lose ourselves in expectations in this time period. Expectations we put on ourselves, expectations society puts on us and expectations commercialism and family put on us. No wonder so many people get overwhelmed, depressed and even suicidal this time of year. Want to give yourself a gift this year? Step back and reflect on where you are, what you have and what spiritual and emotional and physical gifts that you have, for I guarantee that those will last across the decades if you pay them forward. Your health is a valuable gift to treasure that can be used for yourself and to pay forward to others. That iPad? Already declared obsolete, I hate to tell you. There was a study done that took a look at actions versus items and the meanings they had decades later. No surprise people remember the memories and trips and family. That is true for I remember my trip to Italy in 1987 and my trip to Europe in 2011 and Scandinavia last year, but couldn’t tell you what my stereo system or family TV or really even my car looked like. Those are big ticket, agreed but we do remember the laughs and “war stories” that go along with an event…even occurring on a long drive or simply in your own backyard. It’s how I made it to Camp David in Maryland in fact… but that’s another story and one that puts a smile on my face as the other person in the car with me on that trip was lost to this world in 2012. Family, good friends and close loved ones make the season bright, not just at the holiday period, but all year around. Remembering all the trips that were helps assuage some of the losses of the trips that were conceptualized but will never happen. Some of the best memories are happening right under your nose and the best of times in your own 4 walls or in your very own backyard, with people and loved ones that have a built in expiry date. To approach it that way is to help ensure there is no baggage, no resentments and every moment is a Present.

Want to give the perfect gift… that’s the right colour, size and impact? It may have a cost (or not) associated with it to set up, but the commercial gifts definitely do. To buy board games and then invest the time to play them is priceless. Give a happy memory to yourself and someone else and be good to yourself always. Its all about perspective and expectations my friends. Be a kid at heart and in mind and spirit and aim towards the play and gentle healings that come with them.

To step back and make memories is a positive no matter what that can make you smile years later, and maybe make others smile as well as you be yourself, often

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