Gratitude-The Third Element of the Pyramid

Greetings my very gentle readers to this week’s installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. Ah yes, a time to look at the metaphysical moments of the day and all the blessings that we have that cannot be bottled or ingested, but appreciated and loved.

Over the past 2 weeks (with the exception of the week I took off to be in Copenhagen), we have taken a look at the perfect, parfait driven live from the cornerstones and ultimate pinnacle of a pyramid. In God we Trust, with the All-Seeing eye on the obverse of the American $1 bill. But this is the pyramid symbolic of personal and strength that we are reflecting up. The 4 bases of this pyramid will be the Mindfulness, Reflection, Gratitude and Altruistic giving with the pinnacle representing Prayer/Spirituality.

As we have learned, the main cornerstone and anchor of the pyramid that is us in strength and humanities is mindfulness. That is being at one and connected and in the moment, appreciating all aspects of the moment. Its so very hard to fill ourselves with crap and fear and anxieties when all of our efforts are rooted in the flower in front of it! And of course, right beside that beautiful rooted flower is the anchor of reflection. Ah, so many sights, colours, flavours and anything that titillates and impacts on our five senses with imprint a reaction on us. That is part of reflection. Reflection is inwardly or outwardly. Sadly for many, it is often cowardly… and the glass is distorted or a true image is never obtained. It reflects a world of delusions within illusions.

If we are truly aware and feel with all of our sense what we are doing and how we are doing it and for what cause and see it to be good, then that inherently will create the third component of the triangle. That is gratitude. In and of themselves, a pyramid is comprised of the three dimensions of three triangles with a solid square at the base. This square allows the pyramid to gain height, stability and structure. Yet within the structure lies the trinity. The number 3 is mystical and often found in cultures around the world, and links into the concepts of theology.

So, to round out this triangle, we look to and appreciate gratitude. And truly what better day than today to express such, than Mothers Day? Almost seems like my agent had these steps conceptualized perfect! Have to swing them a bonus! A triangle with no third point is a plain ole line. Boring. No third dimension and flat as the Earth was 600 years ago (except to the inspired– and they were called crazy-> Ah, thats a story on the insanity of the sanity for another day). Gratitude means that we can take the moments that we have mindfully appreciated and reflected on how well they fit in the the story of a life that we are writing word by word, page by page and chapter by chapter and FEEL it with thanks.

Gratitude means that we take the good and the bad, positive and sad, yin and the yang and see it in the incredible harmony that it is. Gratitude is realizing that everything happens for a reason and appreciating that it has happened and has added to the complement that is us. We tend to apply gratitude to the tangible gifts that come in life and cover those said gifts. The more expensive, the more the gratitude. The better the date, the more likely to have (ahem) fun time at the end of it. That is the most screwed up concept of gratitude I have heard of, yet it defines our society.

Maybe, just maybe yet again the societal driven way is a perversion of what we should really do and feel and have. We already discussed honesty, integrity, being a kid and putting together things that may normally done in a “proper” concept; up can be fun, overcome dis-ease and thus disease and more. So why not gratitude as well? Im more grateful for a $100 gift than a $1 gift? Because it means more? Is that not a societal driven expectation from the men in the blue pinstripe suits? I had to work harder, lose more of life to make more money to get more gratitude? Whacked.

Lets try a gratitude of actions and appreciation instead. That we feel at ease with what happens, and even when life takes a turn you didnt expect, we are mindful of that, reflect what it will mean and do and fit in with the moment and then hive thanks. The thanks is gratitude. The best gifts in life come through kindness and actions. Maybe thats why Mothers Day is so valuable and moms mean so much and its easy to give thanks and gratitude for your mother… all that they have given, given up and sacrificed when we reflect has made us part of who we are. We know the love of a mother and even if there were bad times and days, we must remember that they are human, but they do put their babies first. I give thanks for the mom I had as she gave everything, even when there was nothing. That is love…an intelligent concern for others.

Want gratitude? Be grateful for the miracle that is you first and all the miracles that exist in the moment about you. Get over yourself and the ego driven concept of self importance and know exactly where you fit into the big blue marble. Appreciate the flowers, earth, sky, wind, fire, water and life that is in such abundance about you. Gratitude for the colours, sight, sound and ability to communicate. That you are not trapped in a mind with demons and cant see, or communicate that hell you are in. To see that (and I know a person like that, deaf/mute/ blind and suffering :( ) helps you put everything in perspective.

Why are some grateful for small wonders and that begats happiness while those in mansions with millions are in personal agony and suffer? This is perspective and perspective defines reality. Perspective is in large part gratitude.

Be at ease with the surroundings you are in and at ease my gentle friends. Appreciate and give thanks that you are a miracle, surrounded my miracles, for then you shall see and be yourself, often.

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