Having a Love Affair with Life

Greetings my gentle readers to the beginning of August 2012 and another episode of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. Those moments that offer hopefully a different slant on the moments and challenges and opportunities that we have chosen to call our life in the here and now. Reflection on the mindfulness and miracles of the moments, interspersed with the challenges and evils that perpetrate and demonstrate all to clearly.

We touched on that concept last week as we looked at the light of good that exists and burns within all of us. But the fact that we at time are paralyzed in actualities or conceptually by what we imagine to be real and cant touch our dreams in the moment. That is such a sad place to be. Always running like a hamster on a treadmill, with nothing at the end of day and days but sadness and destitution. To be infused with drugs, alcohol or other vices that have allowed you to escape life on lifes term… you find that the life and gift that you have been given has been lost. Items that allow one escapism are drugs, Internet, alcohol, pornography, sex, shopping and almost anything else in excess that lights up dopamine, the pleasure reward homes. In fact the river of years have brought only numbness and tears and frustrations, with small leveraged wins along the way, but many societal positions and trappings and stuff that you are now having to consider walking away from. And considering it’s a normal neurotransmitter/hormone…you are just a big hormonal mess.

And why is that? Why have all of theses material items not brought you the joy and happiness as the commercials assured you they would? Heck, your neighbor seemed so happy and to have everything. What is wrong with me, again that I get the short end of the stick? Per the title of an old book for the 1970’s, why do you always draw the Black Marble?

This is about idolatry and wanting and the difference between wants and needs and entitlements. What you thought should be your due, you did get (sometimes) but came at such a heavy price, not unlike the $200 that was obtained through “The Monkey’s Paw”. Someone else had, you were sold a bill of sale and expected it delivered to you.

But because it wasn’t worth the price or as shiny as your mind set it out to be (See blog from July 1st on Polishing the Brass Ring of Uniqueness) you got mad. Real mad. Madness infused every part, which causes one to not be able to appreciate the moments that are here and being squandered away.

Sad and almost everyone reading this will be able to know and identify someone they know that this relates to, correct? Want to rectify? Love and live the moment and love truly and totally is an intelligent concern for others. Others includes not just humans, but all living things like people, plants, animals, crystals..All of which that have the Spiritus residing within them.

Loving life through all your affairs is the best way to captures the depth and breadth of gifts that abound all around us. Try it on, and see what really there is when you take the time and invest in yourself. The dividends might just be that you can finally, at ease, be yourself, often.

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