Hurdling the Delusional Barriers

Greetings my gentle readers to this weeks installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. Yes, that time when you can just sit back and make the determination and go through the thought process from the week asking the critical question. Did I let my light shine this week or was it damped and did I have to be someone else? Did I live the dream or awaken from a nightmare?

Last week we took a look at the virtue of happiness that remains embedded in uniqueness. That special shine that we all have, but gets tarnished by the crudola of the days and moments that tend to wear us down and make us feel like a pair of old underwear. Yuck. Why do we let that shine get diminished and allow the subtleties of the insignificant to dampen our light?

In the concepts of the Free Will Covenant, we have the opportunity to make choices, even if we think we don’t. Sometimes the constraints that we find are really artificial. That darn wall that is in your way that is 30ft high made out of metal and barbed wire? Here’s a thought… that fence and barrier may only be in your mind, and driven by your goals, expectations, experiences and fears.

Now that’s an odd that isn’t it my friends? That the jail we consider ourselves to be in may actually be a delusion, and without testing the validity of the situation, the delusional wall bears reality. Perception defines Illusion defines Reality. Hmmm. What do these walls look like? Often they are ego driven or anti-self or punitive for something or installed through environment or such that is very real and very scary.

Feel that you need a certain lifestyle, certain expectations and obligations etc. etc. and have all the material trappings? Dress to the nines and have a BMW is the goal? Well then, be prepared to work, focus on money and enjoy the prison walls that will channel you like a lab rat to try to achieve those outcomes. Not smart enough, not enough “ability” to achieve the position or goal you want? That is likely just negative self-talk.

Lets try motivational interviewing on us to help that light shine and remove the barriers. What drives you and what is important to you? Are you doing it? Why or why not? How can the dream be made to happen? Can I be content with the here and now and maybe leverage to a middle ground?

The opportunities are endless and next week will talk about the Light more. But for now, to focus on the questions and identification of the actualities and barriers vs delusions will set the stage well. The goal? To be yourself, often.

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