Intuition, Strength and Fortitude

Greetings my gentle readers to this week’s instalment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog… that time in the week when we can step back from the week that was and plan ahead in the day that is to the week that will be. All along the way remaining focused and grounded in the moment, filled with mindfulness and reflection on the moment.

Last week I wrote about “Why Me?” and the two different ways that people can approach these challenging questions, situations and events that transpire in everyones life. Whether it is a large magnitude earthquake in your backyard or a smaller tsunami off your coast, it is important to stop and reflect on what is important. I addressed the concepts that we tend to only give thanks when things are good and then wail and lament as our events do not happen as we expect. Darn entitlement.

It is only when we are able to appreciate the mindfulness and Light and Grace and Spirit in the moment that we are able to accept whatever transpires with equanimity. That doesnt mean to be stone-faced about things. It is I believe ok to cry and feel emotions and happiness and joy. To feel those emotions is the gift of being human and associated with love I feel (and one reason I dont offer Kleenex).

To do these things and feel, be aware of the colour of the grass, the senses at their normal acuity is something that we do not realise until they are removed or impaired. True friends are the ones that will do whatever to help someone else and will accept the negatives and the positives, all in one felled swoop. That I believe allows one not to be a victim, but rather to take that love and caring as a form of altruistic giving. That altruistic giving (so abundantly found in pets and nature) can then be transformed into strength and fortitude.

If we operate under the premise that things are transient and do not develop a sense of attachment, but rather love people and the moment in the moment, we are able to establish a strong form of connection that leads to intuition and Grace. This is why we in part develop a strong sense of sixth sense which is often dulled by things or plans, but heightened when focused on the person and rooted in the moment. Intuition serves us well when we rooted in a spirit based approach, with the concept that all is meant to be and every snowflake falls in exactly the right place. What may seem random and chaotic is indeed, perfect. That is so counter-intuitive to what we know (and societal all about me rules have programmed), accept and entitlement-driven EXPECT in this world. For gosh sakes, we are playing the protagonist in our own personal movie and everyone else is extras… how disappointing is that bubble when it is so quickly pierced, after minutes to years of self delusion?

Strength and Fortitude are virtues that are energy transformed from the love of others and works in sickness and health, rich or poor and in times of stress and happiness. There is no scorecards, no director that will yell “Cut!” or wardrobe extras running out to fan you and remove the sweat stains. Nopes. We all have this and can tap into that well like a rechargeable battery. Sometimes it does seem so much but if one believes that we are given EXACTLY what we are able to handle in the here and now, that battery can recharge, not drain and die. Sometimes strength and fortitude need a boost. Thats where intelligent concern for others comes in, and intelligent, nurturing form of love and knowing, that sometimes comes from intuition.

To be aware of the battery of yourself and others and know where to give that boost and be willing to accept that spiritual booster will help other and yourself be yourself, often.

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