It Just Was

79513140_b793f25bf3Greetings my gentle readers to this weeks installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. That time that we can snuggle down with a form of comfort and reflect in the recesses of our mind the events that transpired over the week. There is chance to step back in a simplistic way and look at simpler times and be comfortable to embrace that. We need to be able to touch and embrace that innocence and Light again. Not by doing more, but by doing less and with love and passion, which will ultimately give us more depth and breadth to our lives.

The past 2 weeks we have looked at addressing the statements “It Just Is” and then last week looked at “Is it Just?” This week the realize the permanence of the fleeting moments that were and understand the fact “It Just Was”

In the moments of horror of the week that was and the subsequent loss of innocent life in the United States, we realize that there is a battle for our souls and us. A balance of good and evil and a constant interface between the two that is playing out in the here and now. When one is able to look through that filter, which is far beyond us, people, humans and indeed religions, we realize this is very humbling. We are empowered in the moment and not sheeple or pacifists to whom we blindly accept anything that comes from and to us. I offer no judgment as we do not know the exact situations that transpired but we have the ability to learn from the tragedy that just was versus frank judgments.

We can be, should be and are empowered to make decisions that when passed through our beliefs, thoughts and such ultimately will become actions. And in order to decide and know that it just was and indeed just and proper, we need to apply basic tenants of kindness, humility, love, light, passion and inspiration to advance the human entity into the sort of person that we truly are, created in Gods image. However, given the challenges and battleground that lies around us, we obviously must make choices to practice in our root entities, which is that of the White and Light and Good.

We have the opportunity and sanity within the insanity of life to make healthy choices moving ahead. To beat the struggle of dark and light. We can choose sanity or insanity to put it bluntly, not in the mental health individual context but a larger “pain body” as eloquently described by Eckhart Tolle.

We can remember the victims. We can sympathize with whatever hell the perpetrator was going through, while not condoning their actions. Condoning through a passive way is in part buying into the same hell they were and engaging in active or passive support through the media. We can refuse to bully. We can embrace the devastating effects of mental health disorders and the dis-ease within the disease. We can stand together and embrace humanity, not insanity. We can step away and have the choice to turn off the televisions and not create further insanity. We can bond with loved ones and neighbors in a sense of unity. Touching nature and the previously experience child-like attitudes and thoughts. We can do expressions of basic human kindness. These are our choices.

Because, once the moment passes, we realize it just was. Within that moment however, lives can be made or lost and no one has the power or should have the power to influence or decide what others could or should do. That comes from within our connections and us with our Higher selves. Do you want the moment that just was to be one of positivity or negativity? Herein lie the choices.

Within those moments that just were is a wonderful Power that is the Free Will Covenant and the ability to make informed decisions that help and optimize your physical and mental health and ultimately those around you. For we do not live in a vacuum and we all learn from each other. We are all teachers. We all have the ability to be inspirational through our actions since what we do ripples out in concentric circles and ultimately will impact on others.

For the moment the just was, captured as a snapshot in the photographic album that is the hard drive of our mind, we wish and want is to be fair, positive and just. A moment of healing and a potential for the time for peace. It does start with every one of us making that informed decision that will derive a more positive outcome. We can look and learn, avoid blame and understand we do not know fully the tapestry that is in the process of being woven.

I would rather collect pictures and photographs of moments of prayer, peace, happiness, laughter, love and embracing the moments of innocence and fun that also are associated with healing. A wise friend told me that love is not complex, it is simple. We only make it complicated and that is so very true.

Close your eyes, open your heart and feel your heart open 10 fold and the love within it and be yourself, often.

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