Learning how to Spiritually fly… instrument check

Greeting my gentle readers to another week’s instalment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. This is a time in the course of our hectic and chaotic weeks that we will actually be able to step back and reflect on the challenges of the moments and be able to make some sense out of the insanity of the moments and see the divine balance that actually does exist. That is, of course, if we are able and willing to be patient across time and see indeed that every snowflake falls in exactly the right spot.

I really wante dto build up the last weeks blog and radio show that addressed the concepts of the transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly, and the fact the caterpillar has that skill and knowledge inside of itself what it can become. That would also have built off of the radio showPrescribing Spiritual HOPE” that was done last Tuesday.

BUT…given there is so much to do in the course of a week and the insanities within each and every day… wherever to start? And that comes around to a flight lesson in learning how to fly as a butterfly. We touched on the concepts that simply being a unique butterfly will and would not protect us from the wind and the elements. What of these first tenuous steps that we take and undertake in our new spiritual world full of the promise and premises of HOPE? (Holistic health, Outcome driven goals, Personal goals and objectives with a huge smattering of Empowerment?)

One may think that as we touch our true spiritual life that the world will change in our favour and that all the negatives will be thrown away in the favour of us being able to touch our room within the mansion of many rooms. But we mustn’t forget that as WE evolve and start to shine our light and spread our wings that there is the current present, societal challenges and dictates, expectations, imperfect humanism, pride, lust, greed, envy, sloth, avarice, gluttony, jealousy, temptation and a raft of other winds waiting to blow us of course. Ouch. Plus there is that little factor to deal with called karma. And that might just trip you up and bite you too. Plus that little thing called our believe system and attachment to false gods, idolatry, celebrity worship, dulling through social and television media and of course….money. I will be sure to address these VERY controversial and debatable issue on our radio show March 27th at 9pm EDT.

So my gentle friends….we have a bit of awareness that we need to do before we can even consider spreading our wings and flying. I mean… why is aviation 3-5 orders of magnitude safer than even standard medicine? There are a variety of points we can discuss here, but the one I wish to address is the systematic checklists that are employed pre-flight. And I believe this systems checklist and healthy awareness is the very first thing that we need to do once we find our inner Calling. Why? Because to not do so will to at very best risk falling back into old patterns of belief and behaviour. And really, how well did these work for you? Not that well (despite the fact you might disagree) and how do I know? Because you sought inspiration and goals from a Higher Power since what you were doing by yourself with your keen intellect and superior intelligence wasn’t working by itself. We needed Backup…real heavy backup. So we evolved and were resurrected.

However, we still have the imperfect body and imperfect mind and imperfect thoughts…. Join me for our free radio show to discuss how to do that instrument check and then the week after we will look at flight plans. For to have the fearless ability to take that moral inventory and check off what we need vs not is to learn and feel and be yourself, often.

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