Lessons From Two Components of Mothering

Greetings my gentle readers to another week’s installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog at www.joelwlamoure.com . Hopefully, this is a point of time in the week where we can sit back and appreciate the privilege of being here in the sanctity of the moment. For indeed, if we do not believe that each moment in itself is sacred, and I do not believe it is possible to anybody else will be able to convince us otherwise.

Around the world today is Mother’s Day. No matter who you are if you are on this planet then you have a mother. This is one of the consistent practice of life that transcend race, color, creed and ideologies. And hopefully, no matter what you see in others, your mother remains and will be the best and brightest light in your life.

A mother is a very interesting individual for the fact that they are able to carry us through to birth and then nurture and teach us nurturing is a miracle in itself. If one wants to reflect on a true Higher Spirit, looking at the miracle of becoming a mother is proof in my mind of a Divine intervention. In the true concepts of motherhood, there is the delivery after carrying a new life across nine months. During this time, a woman is a medical miracle in the point that she has two beating hearts, four legs, four arms, four eyes, and two completely different sets of DNA that coexist within the same body. As stated, that is a medical miracle on so many levels.

To carry this to the next level, this is only one component of motherhood. Even individuals who have not been a mother in the sense of having given birth to a child are mothers in so many other ways and rights. These mothers as well we must hold up today on this very special moment. That is because a mother as well [Mommy) gives of herself in perhaps the most all true mystical and altruistic components.  

Of note, men can have mothering traits in the sense of giving and inspirations but there is the delineation that exists right from Biblical times of man and woman, which we shall support here.

Historically across time, there is the nurture component that augments and complements the nature component. These altruistic gifts of time and love are not often appropriately appreciated or captured. These often are related to moments of teaching and kind thoughts to be able to help leverage an individual, animal , plant or mineral (all forms of nature) ahead. I believe that true mothering is a combination of an intelligent love and concern for others when coupled with a strong root belief system in stewardship and respect of how everything interfaces together. It is accepting without judgement the days of good and bad and using these learnings to leverage to the next day so the one that is learning (and as well the mother) both benefit from this symbiotic relationship. A gift…the present.

And with this not be an incredible thing to teach? And even more so, an incredible thing to learn. We tend to call this “Mother Earth” or “Mother Nature” in part because of the stewardship and appreciation of the fine lines and shadows that cross every living creature on this planet. In fact, some mothers have an appreciation of how this planet interfaces with the world of metaphysics beyond. To step back to the here and now, perhaps we can learn from true mothering as we progress through our days. We can learn to have a soft kiss and embrace on everything that we do. Intriguingly, capital or corporal punishment is rarely effective beyond creation of walls of fear.

Maybe we as a human race can learn from the teachers of motherhood [nature and nurture components) who are the leaders in the field, and who we are celebrating today to practice in a more gentle way. A way not of harsh words or judgment, but the way of gentle embrace. Perhaps then as a race we would not be so surprised when we ourselves (with no one to blame) make judgments of folly and see negative outcomes come into our path, wondering why we always get the negative end of the stick and then demand a recount, a better mark. This is a problem of pathology if the person repeats this over and over (we all know these toxic souls and mercy to them) and to expect a different outcome is well….insanity coupled with a lamentable lack of insight they can overcome. For if we are approaching up front without judgment, malice and respect the insights of these higher powers (like a true mother), then perhaps (likely) our end results will become better and brighter. 

I can only hope that humankind will consider these ideas because as we are progressing, this is antithetical to true motherhood. We are experiencing and going through a de facto insanity as a society currently. Expecting everything, giving nothing, anonymously judging and wrapped in conspiracies and when we get nothing that we had hoped for and then becoming disappointed. This makes us angry.  Who ever told us we were so darn entitled?  Not those very wise persons as we define mothering, that soul who gives and gives to the person she brought life to (metaphysically or physically or spiritually). Motherhood is perfect awareness and translation of talents to achieve stronger outcomes in their young, always striving for better in mankind. Mothering is also about forgiving and even when you dont like the person’s actions, still loving them. I have been very lucky if I use these definitions. <3

We have the ability to be as Christ in image but actions sadly detract from the wonderful creatures of light that we are. It is a sad dichotomy because we sanitize our hands and sanitize our lives and are not able to embrace the fact life has a beautiful balance of dichotomies. Play and work, light and dark. We can be and do so much more through the kindness given in altruistic ways…mothering.

Perhaps if we were two learn from the true concepts of mothering and stewardship of the nature and nurture components then we can advance ourselves and ultimately through osmosis impact positively on all. You can truly be yourself, often. 

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