Linking through thinking

Greetings my gentle readers and welcome to the end of the week or the start of a new week! Thanks to all of those that have taken the time to use this blog as a positive instrument. There are many tools that are out there, but the ones of mindfulness are what we already have at our disposal. Mindfulness, as alluded to last weak is a conscious decision that we make to focus on the points of the day and embrace them. We then filter that through our individual thought processes and assign a value consciously or subconsciously. Sometimes my friends it generates new questions until we get to the levels of the quarks and ions of the event or subject.

Communication is another point that I have written on frequently  in a myriad of ways. The basic need to communicate and speak and express. To listen and to be heard. Love is a form of communication that is of the heart and soul, ideally devoid of the ego… which is a corrupter and false prism of love. Love through communication is a healthy expression of concern and care for the other.

Now what if we link mindfulness and communication my friends? There is the obvious “think before you speak” but goes SO much deeper I believe. And what, just what IF we were able to communicate and link through intents and thoughts? A cadre of like minded individuals. Well, my friend… words only express 10%. The rest of communication is non verbal and includes, but not limited to love and sadly the ego. I think that we can have the power to communication with more light and spirit by removing of the ego. The needless forcing and foisting of the universal “ME” on someone else. Could that be explained by sharing and replacement of the ego by something else as a mindful action? That conscious decision to help and learn from the other. By listening and caring coupled with replacing ego with love and the desire to share. Communication would then become more a UNIVERSAL two-way street that both sides are not just HEARD, but more importantly FELT. And feeling is the key to linking and appreciating the other.

Try it out and what to lose? We are blessed with a few VERY close friends and family who may understand this need. Choose and start with these inspired people in your life. I am very fortunate and blessed to have an enlightened mother and many who breed only positivity and close connection and a wonderful network who let me be myself, often. Warp yourself in light and positivity my friends. The only thing that loses here is the EGO, which is connected to the deadly sins of lust, greed, gluttony and envy. Maybe we could instead of force and demands that listening can happen and we can appreciate what the other says and feels. Linking through thinking and the key to this is a willingness to defuse the ego by infusing with love my friends.

Try it and expand the horizons and just be… to be yourself, often.

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