Living the Dream or Dream to Live? (Part 2]

FAN1002874Greetings my gentle readers to another week’s installment of the “be yourself, often” blog. As usual, this is the time when we can step back and reflect on the moments that were, the moments that are in the moments that will be if we make the conscious decision to make the right decisions in the here and now. Too often, we don’t make the right decisions as they are influenced by external sources that aren’t necessarily the best for us.

Last week we took a look at living the dream and this week we will take a look at dreaming to live. Too often many of us merely dream to live and don’t actually get to live the dream. That is because we are so tied up in all the challenges, chaos and frivolities of the day. If we ask ourselves the question move this matter in 100 years, most of us will have to say no. However, even worse, if we ask ourselves with this matter in six months than often most of us will have to say no with the situation that is stressing us out and shortening our life.

That means that most of us are dreaming to live. We don’t see ourselves as instrument is rather loudly. That is very sad my gentle readers for that means we are not embracing life is a fully can be embraced. With respect are karmic batteries, it means that we are dead in the moment and not able to recharge or offer ourselves or our resources or our gifts to ourselves or others.

Why do we dream to live? It is because that we are often sucked into the challenges and chaos of the moment. It means that within the moment there is very little us and very little me in the situation. If we stop and take a look at the events that have transpired, we see that we have influenced very little or not at all. And what a sad place that is to be. At the end of the day, do you go to sleep tired with a good tired or a bad tired? Harry Chapin once said that to go to sleep with a good tired although you may have lost each and every battle in the day, they were a year hopes your goals your dreams and your objectives and they were your battles that you fought. They were not other people’s.

As such, sometimes a day that you lost may be a day that you actually won. For you’re the chance to translate some of these challenges occurred within the course of the day and realize that there was a lot of you with in the day. And each and every day is a new opportunity, a present, and a gift. We can take with these gifts than these presents what we decide to do. And truly to have all of these presents is to be present in the moment and be aware of our gifts, talents and what we mean to the moment.

Dreaming to live means that you don’t know beyond what man makes, constructs and dictates that thou must do. It is a sad place to be. As we stated last week, you can truly lived a dream. And to live that dream is to love the moment. And to love the moment is to be yourself, often.

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