Metaphysics in Mid February

Greetings my gentle readers to another installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. As usual, this is the time when we can step back and look at the moments that were in time fully reflect on how the decisions that we made in the past have influenced on these days of our lives. For indeed although we do the things that we do, we rarely think about the potential implications of the actions. Even the smallest of throwaway gestures can boomerang, collect interest and impact you or your life years to decades later.

It is unusual to do a reflective blog in the middle of a month. However, this is been a month unlike any I have had in a long time. February 13, 2013 was my father’s 65th birthday. Understandably, as he passed away in July 2012 was a time of quiet reflection, tears and the blend of giving thanks coupled with the human aspects of missing a person. For to have these feelings of loss, periods of tears and grief, is to define and reflect and remind us indeed that we are human.

However, there is so much more than simply being human. There is far more than the simple blue marble rolling around in space. If we are alert, aware and pay attention to the moments we can actually pick up the signs and read the signposts that delineate our path. The past five days have very much been that way.

The middle of February 2013 brought many challenges. It brought an asteroid passing Earth’s orbit closer than our television satellites. Within the same 24-hour period, a meteorite struck Russia, causing widespread damage and almost 1000 casualties. One can’t help but wonder if these are signs, signals or more along the thought process similar to the movie “Armageddon”. Beyond the asteroid, the meteorite there was a people in the Roman Catholic Church as the Pope, for the first time in 600 years, has resigned.

This is a time when the knowledge of history is exceedingly useful. A good knowledge of history and application of history will ensure and help that we will prevent the same errors in our future. Looking back to the concepts statement regarding the Pope’s resignation, looking at some of the Quatrains of Nostradamus cannot help but to be brought to light. These are days that are reflected in the Zen statement “a good explanation does not explain everything”.

One cannot help but wonder if these are days where the invisible lines and shadows are more likely to present themselves to those of spirit. Indeed, it is not just about being human but rather spiritual entity rooted in hope, faith and belief that are having a human existence. Intentionally, to those who are willing to proceed eyes wide open, reflecting and healing the energies that we have visited child, and being willing to play as such these are days filled with metaphysics. Metaphysics interspersed with science perhaps may help us advance ourselves and ultimately advance human outcomes. These are days of intuition blended with science blended with spirituality.

It is a reminder of our healing status of being a young child, our potential for everlasting life and the need to be mindful in the moment in the miracles of the day and embrace play. Speaking of play, within the past 24 hours that boomerang effect twos come back to myself. Now remember, this is 96 hours after my father’s 65th birthday. You 1971, I had a couple of cars that I played with, when I was two years old. These two cars were a Tonka purple dune buggy with a white cover, and an orange Tonka Dune buggy. Although I prefer with my little hands the purple Tonka, the orange one got more play, as I got older because a good fit my Lego figures within it. Truly always idolizing my father, these Lego figurines were often police officers and in fact carried walkie-talkies. They would patrol in their orange Tonka “flower power” 1971 orange dude buggy and undercover vehicle in town. The car, although extremely tacky and not a suitable police vehicle given its purple and yellow daisies on the front suited to young imagination very well. That young imagination could put the legal police officers in all their gear in the front, with a great metal rollbar which was exactly the right size for a young hand to pick up and carry the car around. That metal bar also gave great leverage in order to give good push action. Man, that car was groovy and could really spin out. My cops always made their bust.

Somewhere along the way as my parents divorced, and toys became no longer important to a person that was looking already at beginning to make their mark in the world, these became lost. Photography, and other more adult benchers became more important. I haven’t seen the car in 35 years.

However, the importance of play and a reminder for my father came to me on February 16, 2013. Although it cost me $20, the orange Tonka “flower power” dune buggy came back to me. As I sought in the antique store in Woodstock they call to me. I walked around with it in the store, not intending to buy it, but just reflecting on the moments that were. Because I carried it around the store so long, one of the sales vendors asked me if she could take it to the front counter, likely she figured I was going to pilfer it. I hummed and hawed not wanting to part with the $20 but agreed. Almost didn’t buy it because of the lineup, but did. I brought the toy home, trying to clean off the sticker on the trunk, without damaging the enamel tacky 1970’s paint job and as I shook the car, a little time traveler from 1978 fell onto my desk.

That was a standard issue black Lego police walkie-talkie.

One can’t help but believe in miracles. If we are wise, astute and ready, then these will reveal themselves to you. It is a reminder of play, a reminder of metaphysics, and a reminder of a parent’s love even transcending death.

That young hand and imagination have evolved to become a father, professor, scientist, diplomat and minister. The car looks exact as I last remember from 1978 and the pictures from 1971 show. The walkie-talkie is mine. This is a humbling and ethereal moment.

I will post this when my Internet is back up and running. Maybe. Not surprising as I often discussed with residents and students, strong emotional energies can change electrical devices. There are much energy that abound at this point. These include resignations, meteorites and asteroids. These are days where the veil of normalcy is thin where we have the chance to embrace the spirit driven life which we truly are. This tells me these are days to be yourself, often.

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