Mindfulness and karma

Greetings my gentle readers and another week has gone by. This is the beginning of the the third year of this blog and quite intriguingly, life never stops to surprise and provide fodder for commentary. I try to avoid news, celebrities, recipes, food, and other things that the mainstream tends to glorify (oh, and politics) and focus on the mirrors.

The mirrors are a tool that I often use in teaching and clinically to reflect back what I see and actions and behaviours and either reflect back or show the other person the positives and occasionally negatives that are portrayed. You realize of course that we all do this in a deliberate or subconcious way? I believe that mindfulness allows us to express ourselves in a more rich and robust ways.

I rarely shop unless its needed, rarely watch TV and have tried to limit my internet use to work related issues and also communication with friends. Friends as I alluded to a few weeks ago are the cornerstone and the most  honest and accurate reflection that we can get. They are often devoid of filters and devoid of fancy tricks of the light that could sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo. Friends when mindful and truly reflective can teach us alot and I am totally blessed to have a few very close ones. There are also people that are anti-friends and mindfulness will teach us that fact when we apply the mirror.

Mindfulness is not about going with the general group hysteria. Mindfulness as relates to an individual is looking at overt and covert behaviours and actions and appreciating the whole package. Sometone slanders, others fawn and why? What is the root cause and especially the facts that drive an individuals actions? That requires to make ones own evidence informed decision and not the group dynamics. If you havent made an enemy, then you havent expresed yourself. Its just a sorrow that people hurt others and the blood rites and such lead to group hysteria. Ive seen enough of the implications up close and personal overseas and at home to appreciate the beauty in people. A little kindness, understanding and reflection, removal of the root deadly sins such as lust, envy and greed would have saved untold millions across the decades. Dante had it right when they were labelled Deadly.

So how does this all fit into mindfulness and karmic energies, the wheel of samsara? Well my gentle friends and readers… apply the mirror liberally, very liberally when you do or act or think or say something. What is the root cause and believe system behind what you think? If you cant catch it then, catch it before it becomes a negative rooted belief. Aim high my friends and strive for positive belief systems. You DO have the chance and choice always to remove yourself from the situation. If you dont catch it then, for goodness sake if it is negative, do it before it becomes an action. Look around, is the decision being influenced by others? Is this a group lynching? How did that work in Salem or Germany or Cambodia? Not well my friends.

For to think and then believe and to act will drive, I so strongly believe, what transpires next. You are not devoid or exempt from your actions. May not be as earthly present as Nuremburg, but certainly there is atonement and the wheel of samsara turns.  If you doubt, proceed as and at your wishes and peril or benefit… for there is always what I call the Free Will Covennant.

I prefer to focus on the small and subtle. The soft feel of silk and the warmth of the sun, the sweetness of a candy and the expression of love looking into another’s eyes.  There is abundance galore in the minutiae of the day and it is incredible. Mindfulness yields positive karmic energies which radiate out and allow you to see, touch, feel and be yourself, often.

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