Necessity vs excess?

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Greetings my gentle readers to this weeks installment of the Be Yourself, Often Blog. A time where I hope that we are able to step back and reflect on the myriads of wonder and gifts that exist all around us. This is needed even more this time, that being the third Sunday of Advent… just 2 weeks from Christmas!

Now while you may think there are so many gifts out there and only so much time and spending disproportionate amounts of time, resources, angst and resources addressing The Perfect Gift!!! (capitals and exclamations intended), why need this reflective drivel? Serious, Christmas is a time for giving and receiving so why do we need to reflect and step back? For exactly the reasons listed above. These are all items based on the tangible and can we really state that what we do and the consumerism driven capitalistic expectations of excess are healthy? Thats a valuable question. I may address that one this week in my radio show, ” Prescribing Spiritual H.O.P.E. ” which airs Tuesdays at 9pm Eastern. The link should open a new page with the show.

There has been circulating around on the internet the past 2 weeks a caption picture of starving and hungry overty children against a backdrop of Western culture at Christmas of a couple of scenes. One appears to be a Black Friday setting or the other is a elaborate Christmas tree resplendent with presents and trimmings. This is a time to be able to appreciate and give. Sometimes gifts come from the non tangible but are worth so much more, for example time. At the same time, there is a need for gifts for children and Toys for Tots and 20 out of 2100 families have been looked after, 14 days to Christmas. :( The story may be found here. This IS in our own backyard and we are so focused on the excesses in general that sharing one gift and one toy seems antithetical. The NIMBY mentality (Not In My BackYard) is akin to an ostrich with the head down, or perhaps a pig with the head in the trough.

We have an opportunity to have a healthy Christmas my friends. That being we can look to less and share of our time and resources. Doesnt have to even be all at once or today, but to give a chance even during the year to help someone less fortunate. And one doesnt have to spend big. Remember the premise of the non tangibles?

I do caution you is to give with blessings and kindness in your heart my gentle friends. Do not be one that is laden with hypocrisy and hate, that turns to helping and giving and then maliciously bullies others. Strive for just the altruism and consistently… be unipolar, not bipolar in presentation and avoid the swings of hypocrisy. The images and projections you may think of another is usually, well… wrong. Hate to tell you that. The best and strongest heroes I have seen and enjoy working with are those who seen hell itself, and came back and gave to others and send the tsunami of gifts and benefits and wonderment to others. They are the people who you wouldnt expect and they have given me presents of the time, teaching and helping my medical students, willing to be a kid, and praying for he sick. That has given me the gifts of a patient waving, someone smiling, and different perspectives. Sometimes… you have to be a round peg where there is a square hole and be different.

Now, while I preach about “Be Yourself, Often”, every week and now in its third year… does that not sound like I am indulging in my own psychopathology? My own hypocrisy? Not at all, for as we look with the wonder of a child, give of the gifts we have once we have the realisation and embrace then, then we realize and love the we are ALL different… and only then ca you be yourself, often.


— Dr. Joel Lamoure    December 2011

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