New Year of Hope, Faith and Belief

Greetings my gentle readers to the New Year and 2012 installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” Blog. I am hoping that all of you have safely made it to this point and through the holidays, resolutions, travel, dietary indulgences and yes, family.

With each new year, we do tend to look at changing our ways and patterns and behaviours, yet many of these well meaned resolutions will have gone by the wayside. Why? Because they are exactly that… behaviours and traits and comforts that we get entrenched in. How many are looking at each day as a gift with subsequent opportunities and have and give thanks for the Miracles of the Moment?

Only need to look at the blogs for the past 2 weeks if you have already forgotten, and in fact would be human nature. That is unless one makes a concerted effort and reminds oneself that this modification is needed and indeed healthy.

We have a wonderful chance to root cause analysis… whether or not it be positive or negative items. Why do we feel this way? Why are we always down? Why do I always get shiat on? Why do people avoid me? Well my friends… with some serious reflection and root cause assessment, plus a healthy dose of desire to change, these so seeming negatives may expand and demonstrate why they happen. Are you merely mentally constipated?

Want Hope, Faith and Belief? It may not come immediately but takes time and effort and hard work. To Believe in something is a wonderful thing. Even if you dont get it exact, it is far better to aim for the stars and miss slightly than to do nothing and stagnate in your own poop. (by the way.. Stinky wont likely attract many friends). Thats why we need to clean and clear and Believe. That we can shoot beyond that mire and mental detritus and advance into what we want and hope.

You need Faith that you can do it and that all will be and as exactly will be. Given our huge Ego that rides us like a monkey on your back, that isnt easy my friends. But to let go and move ahead through the subtle signposts in the miracle of the moment is to ensure an incredible journey! (With a window seat)

Let us Believe that we can, Hope that we can read the markings in the moment that will guide us and have incredible Faith that things ARE as meant to be. With that comes being at-ease which dispels the devils and demons of the dis-ease which prevents disease. Then you can be you and embrace the lighthearted side within yourself and each and every day be yourself, often.

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