OCCUPY- YOUR Potential!

Greetings my gentle readers to this week’s installment of the be yourself, often blog. The major issues this week have so much extra sensory overload and stimulation that I believe it behooves us to stop and reflect on what WE can do and have the ability to do with our mind, skills and potential!

Did you know in the begats of the Bible (that part of Genesis everyone snoozes through) that early man lived hundreds and hundreds of years? That after the Flood the lifespan shortened but that we were created with an almost infinite physical live? Fascinating isnt it when we consider the lifespan in Africa to be 40years and double that in first world countries? That is like 1/10th of our potential!

Do I believe that we have the ability to use our mind over matter right now and that I will become a happily dottering senile 800 year old? Not a chance… but if I did… I’m going to keep teaching medical students until my 790th birthday and ensure effective traumatizing. Ah…. remember when?

Our brain also ticks along at anywhere from 2-5% of its potential at any one point. However, we use parts and do not look to the harder wins that occur in life. We look to the quick fixes, fast drugs, easy women, fast cars and exploding scenes on television. Hello…. somewhere along the way we have expected that life MUST be fast paced and as such… yawn and snooze, nothing exciting happened. Life is boring. I’m not getting kidnapped, robbed, raped, mugged, shot, assaulted, wined, dined etc. The closest I got to being robbed was on my ATM fees! This week I had the wonderful opportunity to see the effects of trauma over and over again in individuals, but this time with the spin of hope that comes from a success.

Where did the success come from? A healthy believe system, lots of Trust and a Belief that things will be better. That a goal was set and while yes, there have been horrid things this man has seen in his life, he is making a conscious choice to engage in the neuroplasticity and occupy another area of his brain that has been dormant. Light up the neuroplasticity through a variety of psycho-social-spiritual interventions and alot of love and care. Learning a bit of healthy selfishness and exploring the live that exists in the life. A hero in the making. And I love it to see that.

So my friends, want to make the world a better place Its mind over matter. That it is the spiritual (please check my ministry tabs) over the dogmatic. Dogma does not have to run over your karma. There are miracles in the mundane and incredible opportunities in the intricacies. You want a better place? Here is the secret to OCCUPY: Your Potential:

1) Root cause analysis of why this is

2) Validate step 1 with yourself, another human being and the Spirit

3) Plan your desired outcome

4) Make it happen using patience and virtues and insights, with mindfulness and self-reflection

Use exercise, Spirituality, prayer, belief, reward, play and slowing down to go faster

5) Look at the plan and progress on a regular basis

6) Be gentle and good to others without ego, avarice, greed or gluttony

7) Be yourself, often.

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