People And Their Masks….

Greetings my gentle readers to this week’s installment of the “Be yourself, often” blog. This as you well know is a time when we can all sit back and step back and reflect on the opportunities and challenges and successes of the day, week and what we call life on this big blue marble.

As we look ahead to this weeks topic, just a reminder of the expression that reminds us that we are not the ones in charge here. Its is not that we are the omnipresent beings, despite our common delusional ego-centric belief systems. A good and very humbling reminder. For in reality that and its subsequent ego-perversion is its own mask that we wear. That we are humans with the rare spiritual experience. In converse, we are spiritual beings having a very very human experience.

And so this has started to unmask the concepts of this week’s blog, which is the premises of masks. For goodness sakes, we wear so many that its like Tammy Faye bake with multiple levels of makeup that we cant even begin to see the underlying person and real healthy (or pallor) of skin tones that we truly possess and have. What a shame isnt it? Was a great revelation and discussion I have had multiple times this week, and in fact had a topic selected about masks last Sunday! As such, maybe the filter of reflection that Ive had this week is that of the delusional masks that we wear. I know myself that there are so many and it was humbling to apply that filter and mirror to myself.

For the masks that we do wear are not unlike that of Erik, the protagonist/antagonist in the Phantom of the Opera.  Really we do exist in this beautiful cathedral and Opera House of life (and I have seen the famed Paris Opera House) yet exist in this subterranean reclusive pattern and do not see the marvels and beauty all around of us! We wear masks that are compensatory in nature, thinking there is some horrible defect within ourselves. Eventually…as I believe that masks beget masks and more and more are piled on until you cant even begin to recognize yourself. All ego driven of course and purely delusional. Like the magic hat trick and how many CAN you wear? This starts in child hood and play nice, societally acceptable, dont express yourself, get an education, get a job, have kids, develop accolades, win-win-win. Thanks Coach Lombardo for reinforcing the need the “Winning is Everything”. It and they are all masks.

BUT, heres the thought of the day and going back to the underlying premise discussed at the beginning of the blog. What if, just what if that underlying thought is accurate that we ARE indeed spiritual beings having a human existence. I actually fully believe that and reinforced more and more as I write these blogs, talk and listen to people (especially my psychiatric patients), and advance my ministerial roles and the radio show “Prescribing Spiritual H.O.P.E”. Just maybe if that is true we are indeed afraid to show the person that we really are? Born in purity, innocence and genuis? With the ability to heal, see and believe? A miracle of the moment? As we progress across life, those masks only dull that set until we in reality are unrecognizable, stifled and suffocated by the “Delusional Ego Mask Overt Narcissistic Syndrome” as I like to call it. And son of a gun and page the Pope… that spells DEMONS. oopsies. Could man really be do demonic with the masks as to commit atrocities, mass murder, starvation, greed, ethnic cleansing, genocide and create at times a hell on Earth?

Now theres a point to ponder.

Lets look at ourselves and commit to strip down and remove the masks and look at the fact there may actually be spiritual angels that reside within ourselves that resonate with spirit, goodness and kidness. An eye for an eye means everyone is blinded. I would rather embrace the innocence and happiness of a child and be that myself and along the way together you can be yourself, often.

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