Polishing the Brass Ring of Uniqueness

Greeting my gentle readers to another installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. A time when can step back. Reflect and mindfully meditate and appreciate on the miracles that existed in the moments of the week. Where we can look and embrace and acknowledge and accept not only the positives in the week, but also the challenges and what we are and were able to learn from the scorecard of the week.

Last week on Tuesday, my radio showPrescribing Spiritual HOPE” on the ULC BTR Radio Network talked about patience as a virtue, which ties into the fact that we can, and should be not rushing through each thing to get to the next. All that in and of itself tends to do is foster frustrations and feelings of emptiness or disappointment when we realize that the proverbial brass ring that we have been aiming for comes with a healthy tarnish attached to it! I mean seriously, after this time and effort and resources, you expect me to polish the darn thing? Seriously. What a bummer, man. And herein lie the opportunities and “teachable moments”. That new car will rust, the promotion aint attached to sunshine and roses and the grass is only greener on the other side secondary to healthy “organic fertilizer”.

So, what should and can we do to ensure our expectations do not become resentments? I’m still learning at this one my friends, but frankly… would rather be learning and seeing it with an open and child’s eyes than become a bitter spiky bear. This is the wonderful gift that we have which is capturing the myriad of gifts along the path, the nuts and berries instead of looking to the final endpoint. Rarely do things exceed our expectations in this big, busy, chaos driven life. So why DO we expect that perfection? Because we pay for it? Because we have been coddled and if anyone tells us we are NOT perfect, they can be slapped with 1000 lawsuits? Seriously my friend, that is setting us up for disaster. It was recently identified and made international news about a principal at commencement that told the students that they are not special, but through effort could become so.

Needless to say, all the mainstream press quoted was the first have and in fine print at the end of the article stated the second piece of the commencement exercise. But it is very true… we do have the ability to be special, are already unique, but the end goals and hopes (brass ring) will not be handed to you. Just as ordination is not for everyone, like medicine or law… it requires the extra effort to make that ring polished and stand out! Expectations often will drive disappointments, which will bring resentments and dis-ease which will ultimately drive and foster disease. Count me out. A title or position does not denote or define refinement, contentment or happiness. Nope. Its is what you DO with it that drives the DDQ, which is an extension of IQ. That being the Dream and Dedication Quotient and is independent, yet augmented by intelligence. Thus true intelligence does NOT derive happiness and there needs to be that high DDQ, couple with drive and work that determines happiness. It is the people that are not afraid to touch their dreams that see miracles in the moment.

Happiness or not, drive or not, disease or not. Interesting that we have some choice and Free Will Covenant over this, isn’t it? Fascinating.

Point is, if you want happiness… its already there and waiting for you at the nearest flower, person, pet, piece of sky, raindrop or blade of grass. If you expect more and go for societally perceived wins, that are ok as well. Just be real in the moment, be prepared to work and appreciate the small moments along the way. For to really shine and derive and define yourself is to polish that unique specialness that you DO have, and let it shine! And to show that Light to others in a ray of inspiration on a cloudy day is potentially to find and be yourself, often.

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