Polishing the Filter to Reflect Clarity

Greetings my gentle readers to another week’s instalment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. A time when we can all stop and reflect on ourselves, our interface with others and nature and the big blue marble that we call earth, plus the heavens and all things good in between.

This week let us take a look at stopping and reflecting. Reflections. These are mirrored back if the surface that is creating the reflection is good and true. Small ripples or aberrations in the reflecting source will cause a corresponding change in what is seen.

So…let us reflect on actually how we reflect and when we do, what is the filter or surface that mirrors the reflections back to us. We know that the tincture of time tends to heal things and adds a reflective filter of sepia that we consider to be nostalgia. There are more sinister, yet hidden reflective surfaces. One is that of self delusions and the other that of self preservations. Both of these surfaces or filters are inherently what I would call an “Ego-Filter” and as such the reflection that is considered is one of fallacy as it is created to enact and preserve one’s own objectives, even at the cost of others. These forms of reflections often come across as gross hypocrisy to then informed and mindless pandering to the general population and wise expressions of insincerity to the uniformed mindless ones who are not able to reflect on their own. In my experience, the latter category people are more worries by people that I call “Boobs Cubed“. The body fixated ones, the TV type (immersed with their shows and fashion) and the blunder (self-image) type…. all self (and false)- idoltry. They wouldnt appreciate a valid reflection if it came their way out of FEAR, causing the root endpoint of F–K Everything And Run. Seeya.

What we need to REALLY do is to look at HOW we reflect and our meditative patterns that create that patterns. It should be in line with reality, as easy as that. And sometimes those reflections and corresponding honesty and truth hurt. I know that from experience. The ego-centric “all important ME” takes over and defends, cajoles and then pummels into submission those that dont reflect the way we want. “Tell the Truth”- you cant handle the truth unless you are able to SEE it my gentle friends!

So, how do we gain this clarity of filter? By example. By practice. By a fearless acceptance of the truth. By listening. By self-reflection and honesty. Our closest friends are the ones that can give us the clarity of honesty and allow us to see our filtering system as it really is. By mindful reflection, we can actually FEEL and be at ease in the head, heart and gut if what we are thinking is indeed accurate. Children and their thoughts and play and perceptions in youth is pure and they speak that of wisdom in honesty. They appreciate the beautiful sounds and such for what they are, not what they see, or even worse are TOLD to see.

To filter through a defective filter is to get an altered image. Many, many people seem to want that. Sad, isnt it? If you want me, send me an email at rev.joel@live.ca. Please feel free to join me as I’ll be off polishing my filter with the goal to be myself, often. Will allow me to be good to myself and others. Join the filter polishers and be yourself, often.

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