Prescribing Spiritual HOPE of Abundance

Greetings my gentle readers to this week’s installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. A time when one may sit down and reflect with a cup of tea, coffee or water and muse of the silent wonders of the week that has transpired and how these may be translated into wins and opportunities of the weeks and months ahead.

We have been now running weekly with only 1 week missing since September 2009. Its a pleasure having you here. Please feel free to look through the blog archives. There is something for everyone and I can totally guarantee that there will be something resonating for you.

This week we will build on the last week blog and cover two parts. The topic is “Prescribing Spiritual H.O.P.E. of Abundance”. Prescribing Spiritual H.O.P.E. is actually a radio show that I do with BTR on the ULC Radio Network. The show airs every Tuesday at 9pm Eastern Time and is radio archived. H.O.P.E. is actually an acronym that I have decided best captures what we are trying to do in humanity. It is what we can share and what we can have and something that holds our skirts and trousers up at the end of the day. H stands for holistic health. O is that we must be outcome driven and be able to read from a map in our mind and have a clear delineated destination. P reflects (and last weeks show and blog here were all about reflections!) that the venture and journey that we share is very personal in nature. So much in fact as it has been written that we are not people having a spiritual life and experience, but rather the corollary may hold true. That indeed we are far more powerful in many schema than we expect. That in itself is an incredible and also mind-blowing experience and concept, n’est pas? E is empowerment. For ladies and gentlemen, gentle readers we are the ones that can make the decisions that will ultimately decide and define our outcomes, often in the face of cynicism and deridement. But that we are and SHOULD be empowered to make conscious and spiritual connections that impact and impart on what and how we do things, including basic human interactions, including with ourselves.

That leads to the second part of the title and that is one that we may have HOPE of Abundance. And what is abundance? Basically, it is being able to meet our needs and not our greeds. Abundance is not the shiny BMW (Biatchy Moany Whiny) in the driveway (preferably 3 of them actually), the huge house and the refrigerator overflowing with goodies all for me. Abundance is a way of feeling, expressing and living. Abundance is something that many people strive for in the material world while so many wonderful people are struggling at every step for these material needs. Abundance in my clinical experience (and yes, I am supposed to be a hard headed man of science as a professor and scientist) is in a persons heart and Belief and generosity. Abundance comes when we share in true love. Animals love unconditionally. Humans love with conditions often sadly which creates a non-abundant, ego-centric perspective. All parties lose, especially those of kind heart and soul who just wants a gentle hug and a warm embrace. In my mind, abundance comes from real love and real love is a root intelligent concern for others. Might as well write about Love on Valentine’s Day. But I’m not going to give the schmaltzy definition and certainly not reflect from a corporate perspective. Give real love and that is from not the heart, but giving of us in a spiritual way. We are all as humans well loved, but sadly very ego driven and cannot appreciate the abundance of love that we have been granted. Too focused on our OWN God—> Per wit as I believe humanity runs as their GOD is Goals, Objects and Dollars.

So where does abundance really come from and how can we capture it in the moment? That will be discussed in this week’s radio show . Hopefully we can learn and advance together, so we and you can be yourself, often.

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