Prescribing Spiritual HOPE-The Sea of Life


Good day my gentle readers and thanks for coming back to read another instalment of this weeks blog. Here we are at the end of 25.5 months of writings and 100 posts! Thank you all for being here and listening and learning with me for we have shared this journey together.

The next chapter will start November 1st,2011 when every Tuesday night at 7 Eastern there will be an internet radio show starting entitled “Prescribing Spritual Hope” on 365Live. “Prescribing Spiritual H.O.P.E. : Do you feel that the challenges of the day and the moment tend to drag you down? Very likely you are right and rediscovering the goodness is a wonderful path to take! We will explore spiritual health from the aspects of Holistic Spiritual Health, Outcome Driven Change, Personalization of your Commitment and Empowerment you find the HOPE… all in a way that explores the Miracles that occur in everyday life.” This being in a time when inherently, as I have often said before that we tend to be Model T Fords in a Ferrari Society. These are times of evolution and internal change with epigenetics and progression. Time for the spirit in the moment!

And it really is exactly that my wonderful friends, the ability to occupy yourself in a way that we can take some of the biggest challenges and obstacles facing us… yet leverage them into something possible. These are times when we are becoming in a very dichotomous nature, both more connected and yet more isolated. Moving ahead in a way and culture with demands and expectations that many may not be able to understand or appreciate. Often left feeling victimized in nature, but wanting things immediately. Success takes time and in a culture where everything is bigger, better, faster, harder, shinier and provided at point of need,…where short forms and communication skills face to face start to break down, there is bound to be discord.

Want to reconnect? That requires a degree of courage that I truly believe that everyone has. Through root cause analysis to find out what the problem is and what needs to be kept and what is jettisoned. I mean, that we place SUCH emphasis on pretty shiny things.. how could I get rid of THAT? Sometimes the best courage and most insights come from a period away from what you love and appreciate and having a serious dialogue with others.

This isn’t just about you my friends. You will be eaten alive doing it yourself in this sea of life as you don’t have all the pieces to the map. WE need to rely on our Captain, belief systems, communication and most of all..others. My most cherished possessions aren’t those that I have bought, but very special small gifts from my closest friends. They were made or bought with love and kindness and nothing can assign a dollar to that. Even more valuable.. and what will give spiritual HOPE, is the thoughts and even more, that person themselves! Imagine what your life was like before them and now and if all of a sudden they were out of the equation. Sadly, we don’t think of that and focus on things that really dont matter. I would rather live in a trailer and be at ease and know my evolution is good and just than in a palace and have lived a life of regrets.

Only YOU can make these decisions and there is a recipe, which I touched on a few weeks ago and will look at on the air. Its not perfect in any ways, shape or form. But really my gentle friends, do you not want to be at-ease to avoid disease and dis-ease? There is HOPE, and I truly believe that and to infuse oneself with hope is to look at the positives, learn from the negatives and have a set destination on this Sea of Life.

If you wish, welcome aboard as we traverse the seas so you can be yourself, often.


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