Remembering Vectors and Veterans in Life


Greetings my gentle readers to this week’s installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog- a chance to look at and experience the mindful miracles of the day that go on all around us.

Sometimes it a wise idea to look an reflect backwards in order to be able to look ahead and plan to see where we have been and likely to keep going if we continue down the same vectors without a deviation of the path that we are taking. Perhaps some of this melancholic reflection is secondary to events in the day and also with it being Remembrance Day on Friday, November 11, 2011.

For a vector and path is absolutely essential to know where has a plan to go. However, history has a pattern of repeating itself if we do not learn from it. While we may think that is applicable to larger countries and nations in respect to wars given the context of wars and Remembrance. But if stop and reflect, wars are territorial and belief based differences between countries that are often based in problems with countries and idealisms. One is often the victim and the other the aggressors. Yet fascinating, both sides have exactly the same thoughts and can be the victim and aggressor all in one. Bipolar in nature and indeed pathological.

However, the country’s behaviours are manifested by a pattern of behaviours that are conducted by the leaders and the mobilization of the armies to reinforce the root belief systems of the country. Basically, it comes down to the level of the individual that is relied upon at each level on a myriad of co-existing fronts.

Now back to the vectors…. The end goal is victory of course, but that inherently comes at a cost, even for the winner in the situations and events that the brave men and women see and experience and then translate back home. Things that we as humans are not designed or equipped to be able to process. That is a vector that sadly will result in problems for these individuals. And as we are all individuals… do we not each experience situations in the course of our lives that seem to derail us? What sort of mental training and equipment do we have in order to be able to deal with the aftermath of the battles with pathological individuals or crisis situations?

I can assure you that building social networks in a non face-to-face situation or environment through the current day Towers of Babylon that exist in electron format and the subsequent worship of those is not to our asset. While we may tend to learn more and live longer… at what cost and what is the end vector? Do we aim for the long-term goal of retirement, only to arrive battered and bloody because of the battles fought along the way?

Might I suggest that the vectors be smarter along the way, or per wit SMART? That the immediate goals be engaged and lodged in the minutiae of the minute and these goals and “interim vectors” be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realististic and Tangible? That they be able to be quantified by the reflection in the puddles, the scent of the air and all is taken from the perspective that it is exactly as meant to be given this situation. That our plans are a step, versus the end objectives and that challenges are placed there for our benefit versus our BMW entitled (Bitching, Moaning and Whining) perspectives?

Want to win the war and achieve the objective? Try to love and appreciate the small vectors along the way, as we become veterans in the story by being yourself, often.

— Dr Joel Lamoure November 2011


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