Surviving POST Christmas

Greetings to the “Be Yourself, Often” blog for another week my wonderful and very gentle readers. Thank you for all taking the time to read, reflect and meditate on the comings and passings of the week. To take away the learnings of the week to emerge into the next week with a new vitality and energy!

We will be at times trying to match this blog with our blog talk Radio show. Thus, we will start to address some of the concepts herein, both pre and post and then see in written and verbal formats how the events of the days, change our lives…for the better or worse. Join us live at 9pm EST on the ULC Radio show, “Prescribing Spiritual H.O.P.E” with Rev. Joel Lamoure, the topic being “Drowning after Christmas“. Please share the link so that thousands may listen in and benefit!!–tuesday-night-schedule .You can either catch the show live, or archived, using the same link!

The goal here is to be able to spread the information, much like a chain letter, gathering steam… but one of HOPE and inspiration and resonating with hope, faith, belief and tips and suggestions to advance YOUR life!

So this week, we take a look the the post-Christmas blues and that period that exists between the old and the new. The veil of time that exists with gauzy white wispiness between the old year and the new. A time for celebrations and seeing the months stretch ahead, but made better by often failed resolutions (and imagine what THAT does to the old psyche. OUCH.) Thats a thought for yet another blog… maybe mid January?

Folks… remember the goodwill, kindness, positivity of spirit. Dont focus on the gifts that you gave or received, the money you spent, the food eaten and bills pending… but instead reflect on the moments. What were you able to capture in the moments? What peace, what felt good, what resonated and what made you feel at ease? And then my gentle readers… to survive the all or none approach to Christmas (translate that plan for 51 weeks and gone in 1 week), could that not be spread and disseminated? Is it just barely possible that you can package and salvage away pieces of the non-monetary costing parts of these days that can be doled out in a way through the year that provides a steady bellwether?

Different things mean different responses to different people. But just for now, close your eyes and imagine and reflect on the pieces of the chaotic days that you felt most at ease with. How was your health, your breathing, your spiritual connection? Were you yourself or a mask? What feels right? What did you do of obligation, and what of personal wants and love….and most importantly, what did you gain from BOTH the good and the bad? To reflect and meditate is to advance.

Maybe my friends, jut maybe the gifts are those that CAN be captured and loved on a regular basis. The miracles of the moment and the love and kindness. I believe that they can. We all have a choice what to do with EACH moment and how we choose to see them. Maybe, just maybe my friends… if you reflect now and identify what made your heart and spirit sing over the past few days… you can gift wrap it and give it to yourself daily. It IS possible and like Christmas everyday.

And when you find and regift the gifts to YOU, with love…. then you can see the wind, hear the colours and listen to the moment and what she has to say. And in that bliss, you can be yourself, often.

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