The Delusion within the Illusion

 Good day and hello to the weekend my inspired readers and gentle friends in the blog world. Trying to pull together all the positives and negatives, successes and challenges of the week and identify the one common thread that exists. I must admit that this week there wasnt once central thread that held it all together and been things popping up in some many areas, so basiclly just a healthy dose of life!

As I use this blog to reflect and muse on life and life’s challenges and then share with others, this is a perfect week to look at the people that do similar things, in different ways and may not know it. A time to look at some of the POSITIVE attributes that are out there. There are so many that can not be defined by a blog, but just perhaps you my friends can take the time to step away from the media-controlled statements that All is Negative. That is so completely false and we need to stop and step back from the insanities of the societal moment and be adrift in ourselves and kindness. I have said so many times that Love is an intelligent concern for others as its most root element, which I was taught a long time ago. It resonates more for me as the decades progress. All is NOT Negative and we need to refocus our filters to see the delusion here that we have been shown. And if you share the negatives around enough, the delusion fits and then becomes behaviours vs. isolated events and then more common-place and then full reality. Thats the power of a delusion and its contagious as heck when sold in a nice package, and SO appeals to the ego and an ego-centric world. By sharing the positives in a similar manner through less greed and more mindfulness, we could I propose affect the same outcomes.

First we need to step away from the Illusion. The Illusion (and I am capitalizing for a reason as we make SUCH a big deal of it), is the need to have everything and that all in the world must be bigger, better, faster, harder and preferrably done yesterday. My friends… thats sets up demands and exectations and in a world of instant gratification, is false and will create dis-ease. When dis-ease is created, guess what? It creates disease. Yes, the sort that kills you. Seeya. Let us look at the Illusion and see it for what it really is and take what we need. “ Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” Gandhi.

If we remove from the illusion, now in smaller case as we dont feed into the culture of belief, what do we fill this sad void with?  Thisis where we look to the learnings of the enlightened, the postive ones and those that seem to have their shiat together. They often are the round pegs trying to fit into the square holes, yet they seem at-ease with that. They rarely to never criticize, belittle, hate, bad-mouth or other things that you hate. Yet wait….this is the kicker folks… if you hate it so much, you are doing it. You wont comment on this and I always find it fascinating who has the mental fortitude to comment on these blogs by my postings or through email. Thy are always the inspired ones, the friends. The ones that I know most importantly look in the mirror and learn from themselves. They are the people that can step away from the illusion and they have made a conscious decision to do so.

Want to make a difference?  Remove the illusion and be at ease. Share of your time or words to help another. I know many health professionals that are not healthy individuals. It is a label and an illusion. Its an ego-centric format that creates dis-ease. People see this from the “experts” and dont get better. Worse is they emulate. (I shudder) We can do better and all of us can help others.

Go away this week my friends and at least look in the mirror, offer your thoughts on this blog, share it with someone and best of all, be reflective in what you do and very mindful of the consequences and benefits you sow. Maybe, just maybe the scales will fall from some eyes. The starting block is mindfulness.

Then we can usurp the insanity and retrieve and showcase the human in humanity and the Spirit within and truly shin and become ourself, often.

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  1. Love it Joel, thanks for the post and reminder.