The Ego on a Diet

Greetings my gentle readers and I just wonder how many will be put off by the title. “Oh no”, “Not a theological lecture” and “Whatever happened to people selling their kidneys for ipads?”.  I mean really, cant we just have a break and listen to something about somebody famous doing a famous politician while eating a celebrated famous recipe (and watching Abandoned maybe?) Seriously Joel…get a grip and write what people WANT!

I am going to try to pull 3 weeks into one here and my international travels and experiences in Europe with alchemy (cf: Nicholas Flamel and his house from 1407) with my experiences at the hospital, experience teaching in palliative care and also what does it mean to just be yourself, often. I use that catchphrase as my most common, but what does that mean and represent?

You have a 1 in 23 trillion chance of being taken out by a piece of space technology. Yet how many people were absorbed by that chance? How many blogs, technological gurus and air time was dedicated? Allow me to explain bluntly my friends. Because that critical piece of flesh and muscle and blood (read: You) might be taken out of the equation and voted off of Island Earth… together with its always hungry ego. Time for a diet.

Can you believe people get hurt because people do things and actions to try to discredit others that results in a thirs party being hurt? Its called bullying. It is a stat of ego imbalance and these individuals are inherently egomaniacs with an inferiority complex. They are all about them, dont listen to reason and will undercut you in a heartbeat. Been there and seen it. People die… see my blog about Jeremiah from last month. Unacceptable.

“Well Joel, Im not that way and dont bully”… but what is important to you I will reply? Is it ensuring that everything is better, bigger, faster and more shiny? To reinforce that its YOURS, MINE etc? That inherently implies a state of item collection and means if I have it, you dont. Tough luck Buck.

Do you, this person focussed on the all about me give in any measurable way? To give your time and essence and prayers to people you know not? Do maybe you just judge them and end up with a bunch of like minded ego-driven people? Ah… the clique and my best buds. Sorry… No room for egos in friendships. Its like trying to stuff 3 golfballs in a vase full of sand. Aint gunna happen baby.

Ah, the sand and the golfballs. The crow and the pubbles and the vase vs the shorter dish. Remember that parable? I would suggest reading it! How many stones do you have and how high is your water and how deep is the vessel that is you? Dont know? Y’all got a serious kick arse problem then. I canguarantee your insight, self-awareness, charity and spirituality is negligible. You dont give and dont share and just as an FYI, might want to get checked for dehydration, as you are dry and running on empty. I see changes in electrolytes and cardiac abnormaities in next stages here. Prognosis: poor.

Put the ego on a diet and take in what you need and whatever you get, try giving some of it away again. That is part of the key to abundance. The second parameter here is watch WHAT you take in and make it count. You would on a real diet and this one means much more. People may REALLy start to listen and ask of you and listen and reciprocate. To earn that though involves much mindfulness of what you taken in and your body and mind, which I have learned from a couple very close friends and then 2 weeks of observations into both beautific behaviours and spiteful soliloqies and vehement victimization.  Somewhere in there I had a birthday and say what abundance looks like. People I have never ever met taking their time, effort and resources to give. Was wonderful to witness and reflect upon.

To do those things and help others, must help self. Not in an ego feeding way, but the ego starving on a diet way. That will make you more mindul of the benefits and gifts there are. Peace, patience, silence, humility and serenity. Listen to the still winds and the messages they carry my wonderful friends. If you could be mindful and mesmerized of something that is a 1:23,000,000,000,000 chance (space crap hitting you), then should take the 1:1 chance of mindfulness of your actions, surroundings and Spirit. Only then you can be yourself, often.

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