The Hypothesized “Z-Prime Factor” to the Fourth POWER

Greetings my gentle readers to another week’s installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. This is that time where we are able to step back, reflect, dissect, analyze and with strength and fortitude under the auspices of learning discuss the moments that have been what we called the week that was. To look at the positives and negatives that used a time that shall never come again and at the expense of that valuable resource, assess the spirit and power to learn and walk away in a way that begets more positives.

Last week we talked about co-operation and the synergistic fruits of the moments and the Free Will Covenant that we enjoy to address the situations from a positive or negative light and that synergy reflects upon “ To co-operate is to appreciate and respect the contributions and gifts of others. To give them a say and chance in as balanced of a forum as you are able. To active versus passively listen. To take only what you need and pass the plate along. To be open and receptive and wanting to manifest using what you have so as to actively thrive. That you can express yourself, be open versus absorbing the toxicities having a desire goal and endpoint in mind that is a summation of mainly the small gifts and miracles that exist in the day to day moments and actively offer to share them not just with yourself, but with others and those ideas are respected. To play nicely in the sandbox and be a kid and laugh. All these are in part recipes for better mental health which I might go into more in depth in later weeks. Suffice to say.. To give openly, expecting nothing in return but to thrive”

There is much that we can do and the essential elements that compose our being are our senses, our spirit and the incredible thing that is our humanity. Humanity is what allows us the skill sets to be able to advance in a positive or negative way and go beyond the basic elements that we are as living beings. It has been stated and encapsulated before that there are many living things on earth, and if we were to look beyond the standard X and Y axis of the graph, there is a Z axis that crosses all points. Those points are the intersection of so many miracles that come together and LIFE exists in all. That is the infinite gift of person, plant, animal, vegetation and mineral.

However, from a humanities perspective when we integrate all of these facets together, there is something even more incredible and a spiritus we can only begin to intuit. This represents beyond a medical, psychological or even bio psychosocial model. It represents the infinite blessings and gifts that we enjoy and is the true expression of the Free Will Covenant. This may be called the “Z- Prime” factor and transcends all levels of knowledge, science, and into the amorphic world of theory. Sort of like the conceptualizations that Pluto had to exist by virtue of planetary variations, even before it was seen, or the “God Particle”, one can hypothesize and validate the Z-Prime factor. Why? This represents the invisible lines and shadows that were and are and how everything is exactly as meant to be. Good or bad, happy or sad, it is about a Belief that all is meant to be and even through the Valley of the Shadow of Death (and taxes), things and events transpire that are exactly right, and as meant to be.

The invisible lines and shadows beget the doors that open if we have the strength, fortitude and belief to open them. Having a set rigid belief in all things material, in my experience, do NOT open these doors. There is and can be construed to be a touch of the magickal in these opportunities. There is no room for that in the big, busy. Ego-driven world of stuff that we are sucked into. These are the X and Y axis and deadens the possibility of looking from an oblique angle and seeing this wonderful opportunity that DOES exist for all. Why BMW (biatch, moan, whine) when something happens and lament your existence when you could (and do) have the choice to prevent it happening again, learn from it and potentially even be a hero, which is taking the challenges that DO happen and use them to help others help themselves and prevent it happening to them.

How to achieve and see the Z-Prime axis? Avoiding filling our vase with ego, stuff and items allows room for this world. This world enhances healing, positivity and across time will reap the positives of a spirit based life. It may open up neural pathways then rejuvenate and heal and the oblique angle allows us to hear colors and see sounds. Be open, use your imagination, be kind, reciprocate in kindness wherever possible, remove hostilities, avoid getting “bent” about things and listen well and play well. Avoiding the drama that doesn’t need to be and embracing the spirit, the humanity and the universe.

For I do believe across time that we can learn from each other and these gifts will snowball and avalanche in a positive way. Be kind and be a kid at heart and play in the sandbox and imagine. Dream. Don’t look for the Z-Prime factor…be it and be yourself, often.

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