The karmic souvenir keychain

Greetings my gentle readers to this weeks installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. A time when we can all curl up against the harsh winds of the moments and deluge and storms and look at the week gone past. A week of mindful meditation and appreciation of the small intricate pieces of life… and with any luck to see how they all fit together.

This week is the third and last section where we will look at avionic safety and how it relates to us. Given that we are exactly in the period of Easter and a time of death and miracles and rebirth, this seemed to fit in perfectly. This week landing the plane at our destination is where we are headed.

The most impressing plane landing was “The Miracle of the Hudson” with Capt. Sullenberg and how he had mentally conceptualized every challenge that may befall him through the course of provision of his duties. What was the worst case scenario? He had mentally planned out and rewired neuronal pathways so that what might happen could be dealt with in a small checklist. Not panic or unknowing… but a solid decision. Those are the emergency landings and mental checklists that we have spoken of for the past 2 weeks.

Now, I understand that for a variety of reasons that all interlock here together that the plane safely lands on the tarmac at the destination planned. What do we do then? Is it what we expected and are we happy? This new world is there for us to learn from. Yet, I see sadly that people have a set of demands and expectations that will render this new opportunity to be shallow. They are and become bitter and angry and unwilling or inflexible to learn or go “in country” so to speak. The dont need to even worry about getting their baggage, as they have all this extra unrecognized non-declared baggage like a monkey on their back and in their brain.

Why is that my gentle readers? Those are the sins of expectation and pride. I can absolutely guarantee that what you expect and plan for will not happen exactly as you planned in this new life and opportunity! Here so there is the free will covenant and choice…. you can do a Donald Duck and jump around squawking or thing that maybe, just maybe there is a power greater than us that restores us to sanity. Yes, I said restore us to sanity. That quiet voice in the wind that if we mindfully meditate at our destination we can often see exactly the doors that are meant for us to see. Even worse, the baggage laded squawkers scare the peace and serenity. Then their trip bites and they get nothing besides a keychain souvenir they can add to their psychic packsack and it is in the shape of a brick (and weighs the same)… ouch.

Such a rich opportunity is afforded to us at our destination… in fact far far greater than any of us can even begin to conceptualize. But it depends on the flight and the attitude we have that drives our altitude and range.

So if its not exactly what you plan it to be or conceptualized, feel free to squawk and jump and burn energy and buy that extra karmic keychain. I’ll be in the cabana and when you are ready…feel free to join so you can be yourself, often.

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