The Magical Mystery Tour of the “Z-Prime Factor”

Greetings my gentle readers to another week’s installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. This is that time where we are able to step back and with love, insight and appreciation or the converse (that’s your choice there my friends), reflect, dissect, analyze and revisit the moments that have been what we called the week that was.

Last week we looked at integrate many of the life facets together, finding there is and was something beyond the point in time and life that we call where we are. We started to intuit that there is something even more incredible and a Spiritus we can only begin to see and touch (and even then, only through an oblique angle). This is a point and dimension and represents beyond a medical, psychological or even bio psychosocial model. It represents the infinite blessings and gifts that we enjoy and is the true expression of the Free Will Covenant. This may be called the “Z- Prime” factor and transcends all levels of knowledge, science, and into the amorphic world of theory. To do so is to look at the positives and negatives that used a time that shall never come again and at the expense of that valuable resource, assess the spirit and power to learn and walk away in a way that begets more positives.

As we are well comfortable with there are the axis that exist that may be labeled stuff and time. The cross axis that extends across the two is the person and people that imbue a positive spin on the life, adding in the third dimension and the Z-axis to the days of our lives.

However, there is much more to people than being a carbon life form. We are all here for a set reason, objective and mission that all is as meant to be. Even in the positives and the negatives, it is about the impact that we impart upon this beautiful world that we call Earth.

It is a sorrow that many of us remain grounded in the X and Y-axis and per wit is a shadow on the Light that we can be and dampen the signals to themselves and others when this happens. For there are miracle that abound all about of and we can see them, not directly through the filter of the supermarket, but obliquely through the incredible gifts of the moment that are.
To be grounded in the world of stuff is to be a shade of darkness on the beauty of the noon light. And sorry folks, that darkness and worshipping of darker entities impacts on you, rippling out in negative concentric circles on others.

The converse is true and some of the most enlightened individuals that I know are not rich in monetary value, but inspired as human beings. That they are able to radiate a white light that extends and diminishes that deadened shadows at noon that walk amongst us. These individuals are rooted in the moment and knowing what they are able to touch, and that is a world of the amorphic and beauty. As such, they themselves become a beacon of light that others look to.

Others may not see it directly, but it’s a sense that they have when they see one of these persons of Light. They seem to smile, be less bothered by the meaningless and more successful. Not necessarily successful in the moment of stuff collection, but in success with contentment of the moment of themselves and others. They have a radiance that others see and they can never fully know or appreciate how those moments of joys and blessings occur. Often they try to eclipse the light of the person through a dark cloud of bullying and negativity. But hey, haters gotta hate sadly, don’t they?

Want to feel that magical, mystery tour that is life in the Z-Prime dimension? Be bright, and knowing that YOU do have wings, even if you cant see or feel them… know that they are they are dont be afraid to spread them. Then be light, appreciate all, know things are meant to be and feel the positives and learnings of the moment. Be a kid at heart and then you can touch and be yourself, often.

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